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Significance of MEA Attestation and Why Work with a Reliable Attestation Service Provider

Today, many Indians want to settle down in Middle-Eastern countries. For that, a person has to apply for the visa, and for the visa application, you have to submit attested documents.

In order to obtain your study, personal, or work visa, you are required to get the attestation of educational documents, personal documents, or commercial documents. Before your documents are sent to the Embassy of the country you plan to visit, attestation of the documents from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is mandatory. 

The process of attestation can be a hectic one; thus, it is better to work with reputable MEA attestation services. Let’s take a look at what MEA attestation is and what its procedure is.

What is MEA Attestation?

Before you plan to complete legal foreign utilization, it is essential to attest all your necessary certificates like Educational documents, Personal documents, and Commercial documents under the Ministry of External Affairs.

Several legal authorities legalize the certificates to verify the genuineness of the documents to the foreign government. And it is vital to attest the certificates under the Ministry of External Affairs.

The Significant Procedure for MEA Attestation:

When your document contains stamps of MEA and other legal authorities, it makes your certificate authentic for legal foreign utilization. Without that, you can’t prove the legality of the certificates.

Although the procedure is not so simple, working with MEA attestation services can help reduce your stress. However, the attestation procedure usually depends on the nature of the documents.

Here are the Different Types of Documents:

  1. Educational Verification

For the accomplishments of educational purposes overseas, you need to attest the educational certificates under:

  • Notary attestation/ University attestation
  • HD attestation/ HRD attestation
  • MEA attestation
  • Personal Verification

If you’re planning to settle in a foreign country, it is necessary to attest to the certificates to prove your identity under:

  • Notary Attestation
  • Home Department
  • Verification from the Ministry of External Affairs
  • Commercial Verification

If you’re traveling to a foreign country for commercial purposes, you need to attest the commercial certificates under the:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Ministry of External Affairs

Why Work with Reputable and Reliable MEA Attestation Service?

Firstly, the attestation processes take a long time, and it can even confuse you. It is, therefore, better to work with a professional. There are a few reputable services that offer attestation and apostille services in India.

Secondly, you need to work with the best service provider because you will have to submit your original documents. Now, this can be risky. If the service provider loses your certificates, it could create a big problem.

It is hard to complete the attestation process on your own. So, work with a professional, but be careful when choosing the MEA attestation services.

The 3 Ways to Ensure Your Certificates Are Safe During Attestation Process

Planning to travel abroad? If yes, then don’t forget to get your certificates/documents attested. No matter what your travel reason is, certificate attestation is important. Without attestation, your visa might get rejected or your entry on the foreign land might be prohibited. In other words, your plan and dreams to travel and settle abroad will fail.

Certificate attestation is important but a bit complicated and lengthy process. The process will start from the local authority and end with embassy attestation. In between, your certificates will go through HRD or human resource department and MEA or ministry of external affairs.

In this transition from one department to another, the safety of your original certificates is always at stake. Chances are you might neither get the original certificate nor the attested copies at the end. If it happens, your problems will increase because there are no or few chances to get the original certificates back.

To keep your certificates safe during the attestation process, you should follow the 3 ways mentioned below.

  • You should select a credible attestation agency 

We have already said that the attestation process is lengthy and complicated, so you should work with an attestation agency to make it easy. They are experienced and complete the process in minimum time. But as it is about the safety of your original certificates, you should make sure that the agency is reputable in the market.

Along with timely processing and reasonable prices, a well-reputed agency and agents keep the documents safe and ensure careful delivery.

  • You should have a trusted courier service

Other than connecting with a credible attestation agency, you should ensure it is tied up with a trusted courier company. It’s because in most cases documents are safe during the transition from one department to another but get misplaced during delivery.

You should make sure that the courier company is worthy and renders timely and secure services. If the courier company is right and professional, it will pack and handle the certificates cautiously and make sure they are delivered carefully at your doorstep.  

  • You should maintain a regular follow-up

Working with a credible attestation agency and trusted courier service provider does not mean your responsibility is over. You should stay connected with them and be aware of the status and whereabouts of your documents.

Most attestation agencies keep their customers updated regarding the status of their documents but still, you should communicate with your agent regularly. Sometimes, agents forget to update due to their workload or any complication in the attestation process.

Along with considering these ways, you should keep a self-record. Your record should include the list of the certificates/documents submitted to the agency so that you can easily check the documents after delivery and spot if something is missing. It will help you charge on the attestation agency and courier service.

Some Important Things To Know About Divorce Certificate Attestation!

Marriage and divorce are considered to be two opposite ironies in society, and both of them are required to get the legal approval of a competent authority. This sort of legal authorization is usually done by issuing a relevant certificate in the spouse’s name permitting them to stay together or part ways.

In today’s world, you must have knowledge of the significance and importance of document or certificate attestation services. Whether it is for leisure, employment, or business trip to a foreign country, people in India, are required to apply for document attestation while traveling abroad. With the help of a certificate attestation service, you tend to affirm the accuracy and legality of the documents or certificates in question. Furthermore, these attested certificates and documents tend to help you, the traveler, during the entirety of your stay, whether for work, study, or leisure, in the foreign country.

A divorce certificate can be defined as a document required to get rid of all the previous relations officially so that you can take the next step. If you are someone who is planning for a second marriage, it is important for you to get the divorce certificate attestation done before you can travel to another country. This attestation process can seem to be a daunting task when you decide to do it on your own, so it is recommended to hire a reliable Indian divorce certificate attestation service and let the professionals handle this job for you while you focus on other important things.  

What happens during this divorce certificate attestation process is that the given document is first scrutinized and examined by an authorized team, and then validate the same by their signature as well as authoritative seal. The following are some of the other things that you must know about the process of divorce certificate attestation procedure.

Processing time for divorce certificate attestation  

It takes between 8 to 10 working days for the entire process of divorce attestation to get completed. However, in some cases, especially where the issuing authority of a divorce certificate is in an inaccessible area, the processing time for divorce certificate attestation may take around 30 working days.

Documents necessary for divorce certificate attestation

Divorce certificate attestation is a process that requires several other documents apart from the original certificate to be attested. These documents include the following:

  • Copy of the passport of the certificate/document holder
  • Original divorce certificate
  • 2 passport size photos

In order to use this certificate in India, you need to get it attested from the Ministry of Affairs or Home Department and thereafter by the respective Embassy of the country you plan to travel to. As mentioned earlier, this procedure is quite a hectic one when doing on your own. Hence, it is recommended to get in touch with an Indian divorce certificate attestation service provider while you focus on other important aspects of your travel.

Things you should know about Experience Certificate Attestation

Traveling abroad for employment opportunities? If yes, then an experience certificate is one of the important documents that you shouldn’t forget.

It’s a formal letter issued by the previous employers to certify that you worked in their organizations for a particular time period. The letter or certificate includes the name of the organization you worked for, the time period (joining date and relieving date) you worked in their organizations and your designation in the organizations at the time of resignation. It gives an insight into your experience in a particular field.

But the experience certificate issued by Indian employers or issued in India is valid abroad only if it is attested. Experience certificate attestation is a legal procedure that proves your document is genuine. In this process, an attestation stamp from the designated official is procured in the home country. After attestation, you get permission to enter a foreign country.

Documents required for experience certificate attestation

  • Original and photocopy of your experience certificate
  • Copy of your passport
  • 2 passport size photos

Process of experience certificate attestation 

The experience certificate goes through the following departments to complete the attestation process:

  • Notary attestation
  • Home Department Attestation
  • Ministry of External Affairs or MEA attestation
  • Embassy attestation

The process starts from the notary, which is the basic requirement of any law-related legalization process. The official performs verification at your employer’s site and approves the certificate in the form of a signature and stamp.

Second, the document goes to Home Department where the officials sign and attests the certificate based on the verification done by the notary officials.

Third, the document is sent for MEA attestation, which is the last level of authentication from the home government. It’s a central department that deals with the foreign matters of the country.

The final step of the process is Embassy attestation. In this, the officials of the country you intend to travel attest the certificate based on their rules and regulations.

Time required for experience certificate attestation 

Usually, it takes 8 to 10 days to finish the attestation process. However, it depends on various aspects like the country for which you require attestation, the state you require it from, and so on. It can also stretch up to a couple of weeks or more than a month.

The processing time also depends on the knowledge of the person applying for attestation. At every step of the attestation process, you need to follow some rules and submit the documents accordingly. One mistake will hold or cancel the attestation process and you will have to re-apply.

To avoid any mistake and resubmission of the application, you should work with an attestation agency. The professionals at the agency are thorough with the process and can complete it with ease. Also, they will reduce the processing time.