Critical Things You Must Know About Certificate Attestation in India

Critical Things You Must Know About Certificate Attestation in India

When you are applying for a higher study abroad or you are offered a job in a foreign country, such as the UAE, then that country might require you to provide only attested certificates and documents. Apart from this, you might be asked to present attested certificates when you are:

  • Taking your family abroad
  • Applying for a resident visa
  • Migrating to another country
  • Starting a business on a foreign land

If you fail to get your certificates and other necessary documents on time, there is a big chance that you might lose your job offer or your chance to move to a foreign country quickly. Most employers are always in hurry in filling up vacancies. So, if you don’t show up on time with attested certificates and documents, they might appoint other candidates who have already completed the attestation process.

What Should I Know Before Going for Certificate Attestation in India?

The certificate attestation in India starts from the point where those certificates have been issued i.e. University or the HRD/Home Department. The attestation done by the Human Resource Development Department is called HRD attestation. The Ministry of External Affairs in India has provided approval to the State Home Ministry for completing HRD attestation.

The procedure for HRD attestation is almost the same throughout the country; however, the attestation is known by different names. For instance:

  • In Kerala, NORKA attestation is meant for attesting educational documents.
  • In Hyderabad and Telangana, GAD attestation is used for attesting educational certificates. Besides, the General Administration Department (GAD) is also responsible for attesting personal documents.
  • In Tamil Nadu, Secretariat Attestation is used for the attestation of educational documents and certificates.

Hence, you can consider NORKA attestation, GAD attestation, and Secretariat Attestation as HRD attestation in all these states.

The next thing you must know is that MEA attestation can be done through authorized agencies only and from a few states in India.

The certificate authentication process completes when certification attestation is done from the respective embassy of the nation where you want to go to.

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed by the process of certificate attestation in India, don’t hesitate to get help from professionals.

Why need certificate attestation for UAE?

Why need certificate attestation for UAE?

The UAE utilises an enormous number of individuals. Many individuals move to the UAE for training, business, and work. UAE is a demanding nation so for people to move to UAE for the work their enlightening reports should be validated under the power. The Educational declaration verification for UAE is endeavoured to exhibit the legitimacy of the validation in the event that a candidate is proposing to move to UAE for work purposes. There are so many reasons for which you need an attestation for UAE. Don’t worry we will be mentioned some of the reasons that you should know for attestation for UAE.

All in all, here are the reasons you should know why you need certificate attestation for UAE?

  • Just after graduation and you are befuddled with regards to whether you can get the visa without the confirmation of the archives since you don’t have the last degree endorsement you got from your school?
  • For every one of the inquiries, you have a response would be “NO” for the visa handling the documentation is an unquestionable requirement in the UAE.
  • No compelling reason to stress over there are choices in which you can process for a visa with validation for that you ought to at minimum have a few records from your school like a temporary endorsement, combined imprint sheet, and different semester mark sheets and Attestation for UAE.
  • This multitude of endorsements will help you in finishing the visa interaction however for that, you want to take assent from the organisation you will work with. Assuming they require just a degree declaration for the verification that case nothing else should be possible.
  • There is a piece of wrong data in individuals’ outlook that all who are coming for work verification is required. Indeed, in UAE you really want an authenticated report from the nation of origin to the service of international concerns so the endorsement is substantial, however a couple of classifications like streams, designers, cleaners, and other comparable positions won’t be requested for validation any longer.
  • whenever one class doesn’t require while the others with the calling of Doctor, Nurses, Teachers requires every one of their reports should be verified not just the most elevated capability.
  • Instructive Certificate validation will help you in achieving livelihood destinations from UAE. It is a genuine development and by which you can show the vagueness and realness of the confirmation.

So regardless of whether you have the degree testament still there is potential for handling the visa by your manager as the UAE authority just requires an authentic endorsement from the separate colleges.

Final Words: –

You should get your confirmations approved ideally before you appear in Dubai. There are two unique ways of getting the instructive records approved in Dubai. It is conceivable that you can offer it to an association in UAE and they will achieve the work for you, or you can go through the cycle yourself.

Authenticate Your Certificates & Documents with Apostille Stamp

Authenticate Your Certificates & Documents with Apostille Stamp

You need authenticated documents while applying for jobs or businesses in other countries! Also, it is needed to do legal work in India. An Apostille can be described as the certification or a document issued by the registered authority in India. It proves that the document is authentic and the Apostille stamp in India is helpful in proving the authenticity in another country. The internationally accepted regulation is followed by all major countries which have opened up their economies & accepted globalization.

You need to get in touch with relevant companies with the right reputation to get the apostille stamp. It doesn’t take much time to get the documents stamped the right way and it is a matter of days to get the apostille issued on your documents. There is a different apostille for each country and thus the individuals need to get the stamp from their respective countries. The apostille service providers are thus assisting people to get the documents stamped the right way.

Let us look at some of the top benefits of apostille stamp –

It proves the identity of the individual

You need authenticated documents in a foreign land or country and apostille documents come to the rescue. Simply showing original documents is not taken into account or considered authenticated in many countries. In such cases, you need an apostille certificate to prove your identity.

It is used in legal proceedings

The other top benefit of the apostilled document is that it assists in the abolishment of different legal proceedings. Earlier, individuals used to resort to shortcuts to solve legal issues and bribery was the center of attraction. But now apostille has eliminated many of the immoral & deceptive methods in the legal process.

The other top benefit of the apostilled document is that it assists in the abolishment of different legal proceedings. Earlier, individuals used to resort to shortcuts to solve legal issues and bribery was the center of attraction. But now apostille has eliminated many of the immoral & deceptive methods in the legal process.

It is useful in getting the right admission to foreign universities

For getting admission to the right educational center, it is critical to submitting all kinds of documents to the relevant authorities. With help of an apostille stamp, it becomes easy to prove the authenticity of documents to foreign universities.

It is an internationally accepted norm

There are documents that are accepted internationally only with apostille. Get the stamp early on the documents before traveling to foreign countries or businesses or jobs.

You need to get the apostille stamp in India through the MEA department or other relevant government departments. Thus, take the help of relevant apostille service companies to get the documents stamped or verified at the right time. A person looking to use a public document inside or outside the country needs to have an Apostille stamp through the right channels. Check the reputation of the service provider before making the final selection.

With help of the Apostille stamp in India, you can prove the authenticity of the public documents. An apostille is also adding the overall economic growth of the country and thus the selection becomes vital. Get the apostille service in India for using the documents in the right manner across multiple channels.

Why, When and What Attestations Are Required for a Marriage Certificate in India

Why, When and What Attestations Are Required for a Marriage Certificate in India?

In India, a marriage certificate is a legal proof that two persons are married. So, when it comes to proving that the other person is your spouse or vice-versa, then you can show this document as proof. However, when you are traveling to another country, such as the UAE, you need more than this to prove your marriage. The only way to show that your marriage certificate is not forged is to present a properly attested marriage certificate.

In other words, marriage certificate attestation is mandatory to authorize the legalization of your marriage certificate. You will essentially need it when applying for a resident visa for the spouse and various other reasons.

When should I apply for marriage certificate attestation in India?

While living with the partner is the most common reason for having a marriage certificate attested, there are also other reasons when you will need an attested marriage certificate. Some of these are:

Name change in the passport (adding or removing)

Applying for a family visa

To admit your wife for delivery in the hospital

When filing a divorce

To adopt a child as ex-pats

Applying for the passport of children

Applying for family insurance

For school admission of your child as ex-pats

What is the process of marriage certificate attestation in India?

The process of completing marriage certificate attestation in India involves the following standard steps that everybody needs to follow:

Acquire attestation from the local notary as it is the first step for attestation in India for both personal and educational documents.

Legalize your marriage certificate by the State Home Department.

You might also need to get the marriage certificate attested from the SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) of the concerned state in India.

Then, apply for MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation/apostille.

After that, you need to submit your marriage certificate for embassy attestation as it is a necessary step for all those who go abroad from India.

In the end, you also need MOFA attestation as it is required when you travel to a foreign country.

How long does it take to get a marriage certificate attested in India?

As per the rules, marriage certificate attestation can complete within 3 to 4 days. However, most often, government employees take up to ten to fifteen working days. Thus, if you are planning to go abroad with your spouse or you are going to stay with your spouse who is living in a foreign country, you should apply for marriage certificate attestation in India at least two weeks before. When you hire attestation services from a reputable agency, they will put their maximum efforts into completing marriage certificate attestation as early as possible.

Hence, if you are in hurry or you prefer convenience, getting in touch with attestation experts for marriage certificate attestation in India is the best route for you. All you need is to contact them after due diligence.

About HRD Attestation: The Why And How?

About HRD Attestation: The Why And How?

Since the past decade or so, authentication has gained more importance and significance than ever when a person is about to go to a foreign nation for different purposes. Now there are various verification processes that an individual has to go through, one of them being, human resource department verification.

Before we go any further, it is important that we know enough about HRD attestation, so let’s get this out of the way first.

What are HRD attestations?

HRD, which stands for Human Resource Development may be defined as a government body, which is under the control of the central government of the country. When it comes to HRD attestations, they are state-level procedures that can only be authorized by the highest-ranking officials from the ministry. If you are an applicant yourself then you are expected to submit the appropriate degrees and other necessary educational or career related documents for them to be attested and verified before you can apply for foreign countries. You can get your documents attested on your own, which can be quite a complicated task, or you can hire a professional HRD attestation service in Mumbai or wherever you reside.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can dive into the details of this process.

Who requires HRD attestation?

Are you planning to go to a foreign country for higher studies? Did you apply for foreign universities or have received an amazing job offer somewhere outside your country and want to apply for a visa as soon as possible? Well, if you nodded your head in affirmation to any of these questions, then you need HRD attestation as well. In fact, getting all the necessary documents attested by the HRD ministry is considered to be one of the preliminary and important steps for achieving that.

For example, if you are planning to visit the Middle East for your next vacation, then you would have to apply for attestation for Kuwait Embassy. The state-level attestation would legalize and approve your submitted documents if they are without any mistakes. So, all in all, everyone, from students to businesspersons and common people, who apply for a visa need HRD attestation.

Why is HRD attestation required?

HRD attestations are known to be a crucial procedure that must be completed by anyone who is looking to travel abroad for academic or career-related opportunities overseas. By getting your documents HRD attested, they work as proof of your citizenship and authenticity. It is thanks to the HRD attestation that your visa, whether it is a work visa or student visa, would be granted or accepted by the foreign country. So, HRD attestation is much more important than most people realize which is why it is best to take the help of a professional to get it done right.

Since there are several HRD attestation services available these days, it is highly important that you find a reliable and experienced service provider that has a high success rate.

What is NORKA Attestation and Its Procedure?

What is NORKA Attestation and Its Procedure?

NORKA or Non-Residential Keralites Affairs is a division of the Government of Kerala that addresses and resolves the issues of the resident and non-resident Keralites. It was established in 1996 to function various roles for the welfare of people residing in Kerala, few of them include document attestation, helping track missing people, and recruitment of Keralites for various professional and domestic services in Gulf countries.

As per the Ministry of External Affairs in India, NORKA is a designated authority to authorize employment in the 18 ECR countries:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bahrain
  3. Indonesia
  4. Iraq
  5. Jordan
  6. Kuwait
  7. Lebanon
  8. Libya
  9. Malaysia
  10. Oman
  11. Qatar
  12. Saudi Arabia
  13. Sudan
  14. South Sudan
  15. Syria
  16. Thailand
  17. United Arab Emirates

NORKA attestation is essential for Keralites for employment and other reasons in these countries, and the agency is accountable for attesting educational documents issued in the state of Kerala for overseas uses. It is very similar to HRD attestation for educational documents issued by UGC and AICTE.

NORKA Attestation of educational documents when a Keralite is applying for employment or student visa to visit an ECR country.

The NORKA attestation centers are located in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kozhikode, in Kerala for document attestation services. NORKA provides a stamp and signature on the back of the documents to prove their authenticity. NORKA attestation is an online application process followed by document submission along with the original passport.

NORKA Attestation Procedure

NORKA officials verify and attest documents through a tailored process before they are sent to Delhi Headquarters for the further attestation procedure. Here’s the step-by-step process to obtain NORKA attestation on educational documents.

  • Online Application:An online application form is needed to be filled completely by candidates to begin the attestation process. This form contains every detail and information regarding your education, and you should fill every section correctly to avoid rejection.
  • Submission of documents:After online application, candidates are required to scan and submit all the necessary documents with the form. The original passport is also required in the process for the authentication and approval of NORKA attestation for overseas uses. NORKA officials attest these documents before proceeding them for MEA and embassy attestation.
  • MEA and Embassy Attestation:After NORKA attestation, documents are dispatched to headquarters for MEA and embassy attestation from respective officials. These are the final steps in the document attestation process after which documents are sent back to candidates.

NORKA is an authorized organization based in Kerala that is responsible for certificate attestation of educational documents. NORKA attestation can be a confusing process for individuals and hiring professionals for assistance can be very handy and helpful.

A Quick Guide to the Document Apostille Process in India

A Quick Guide to Document Apostille Process in India

Document Apostille is a type of document attestation service for the legalization of your documents and certificates in member countries of the Hague Convention. Apostille services are required when you are seeking a visa to stay in Apostille Hague Convention countries including India, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, UK, USA, Japan, and so on. Be it for employment, education, work, or residency, you will need to get mandatory documents attested for the visa process.

Apostille services are required to attest documents such as birth certificates, educational certificates, marriage certificates, and others for official and legal uses.

Apostille service in India is required when someone is going to a foreign country for all sorts of reasons and need to obtain work, employment, student, or residence visa for temporary or permanent stay in that country. It is the process of document attestation and legalization by obtaining an apostille sticker and/or stamp from the authority as proof that all the documents you are submitting are genuinely issued from designated officials. After getting the Apostille stamp from the MEA, you do not require any additional certification or attestation from the embassy.

The Process of Apostille Attestation

The requirement of apostille service in India is growing since independence due to increased business, work, and education opportunities in foreign countries. India is a member of the Hague Convention since 2005 and provides apostille services for document legalization for use in almost all the Hague countries. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) provides apostille stickers and stamps with a validity of six months.

The Apostille process in India is decentralized to carry out document apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). For different types of documents, the apostille procedure differentiates to get attested from different authorities. Basic steps involved in the document apostille process include:

  • Notary Attestation
  • Home Department Attestation
  • HRD (Human Resource Department) Attestation
  • Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Attestation
  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation

Depending on the type of documents you want to get attested for your visa class, you need to go to different authorities during the process for document attestation at different stages. Documents that require apostille stamps are mainly categorized into three types:

1. Personal Documents

It includes:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Adoption Deed
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • Experience Certificate
  • Migration Certificate
  • Passport Copies etc.

Personal document apostille process requires notary attestation, HRD or SDM attestation, and apostille from MEA.

2. Educational Documents

It includes:

  • Degree Certificate
  • SSC Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Transcript Certificate
  • Mark Sheet
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Engineering Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Nursing Certificate etc.

Educational document apostille process includes notary attestation, HRD or SDM, or home department attestation to get the apostille stamp.

3. Commercial Documents

It includes:

  • Memorandum Of Association
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Authority Letter
  • Board Resolution
  • Article Of Association
  • Certificate Of Incorporation
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Invoice Bills etc.

The commercial document apostille process requires you to get a chamber of commerce attestation and apostille from MEA to complete the process.

When you look to get your documents attested or apostille from MEA, a registered and government authorized agency can help you with your document apostille service in India through a hassle-free process. At Globo Prime, we provide apostille service in India for attestation of all types of documents. Contact us to know more about the document apostille process and fees for specific documents as per your requirements and travel goals.

Going to the UAE for Education or Job Opportunity? Here Is What You Need the Most

Going to the UAE for Education or Job Opportunity? Here Is What You Need the Most

For Indians, the UAE is considered as one of the most promising countries when it comes to setting up a business, finding a high-paying job, buying a luxury home, or enjoying vacations. Every year, millions of people flock to the UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi in search for a job, higher studies, and better business locations. However, going abroad for any of these purposes is not so simple. You cannot simply book a ticket and fly to the UAE.

There are many procedures you will need to follow to ensure that you don’t face any issues when it comes to entering this beautiful Arabian country. Among all the procedures, the most important one is completing attestation for the UAE.

Why do I need a certificate attestation for the UAE?

The process of attestation involves the authentication of your documents with an official stamp and the signature of an authorized authority or notary. This procedure makes your documents (issued in your home country) legal and valid for use in the UAE. Without attestation, your documents won’t be accepted which can prevent you from joining any job, setting up any business, or doing any other work that requires issuing documentation.

The Process of Attestation

When going to the UAE for higher studies, a job, or business setup, it is mandatory for you to attest your educational, personal, and commercial documents via relevant authorities. You will essentially need services of certificate attestation for the UAE to obtain a work visa, residential visa, spouse visa, admission in schools and universities, and fulfill other legal formalities in the UAE.

The procedure of certificate attestation for the UAE varies depending on what type of document you need to get attested. In India, you will need the following type of attestation:

HRD Attestation:

It is necessary to attest the government-recognized educational documents from the Human Resource Department of the respective state. For instance, if you are from Chennai, you will need to get your educational documents attested from the Human Resource Department of Tamil Nadu.

Notary/Home Department/GAD Attestation:

Notary attestation, Home department attestation, or General Administration Department (GAD) attestation is required for legalizing personal documents. Some of the examples are birth certificates and marriage certificates.

Chamber of Commerce Attestation:

This type of attestation is exclusively required for those people who are planning to set up business in the UAE. Thus, you will need to submit your documents to the Chamber of Commerce for attestation.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation:

This type of attestation first requires you to complete the state attestation process. Once your documents have gone through state attestation, they will need to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Embassy Attestation:

After MEA attestation, you need to get your documents attested from the UAE embassy in India. With this, the procedure of certificate attestation ends and means that the certificates are validated from the concerned embassy for further use.

Thus, if you haven’t completed the procedure of certificate and document attestation for the UAE, hire attestation services from a reputable and trusted agency. It will make all the attestation procedures hassle-free, smooth, and easy.

What are the top benefits of contacting MEA attestation services?

What are the top benefits of contacting MEA
attestation services?

If you’re planning to visit a foreign country for a job or higher degree then MEA attestation becomes critical for your verification. It is mainly the process of validating your documents and it is currently based on the requirement of your destined country. To ensure that the foreign country accepts your documents & considers them as authentic, it needs to be attested from the country of origin. Take the help of MEA attestation services in India to get the documents verified & ready in a quick time.

Attestation is basically the step meant for international use and it can be used for personal or commercial purposes. It is the international norm to verify the identity of individuals and also the work or degree pursued by the person over the years. This proves to be the clearance from the government authorities of the country of origin. Attestation is needed for multiple reasons and it can be related to some kind of judicial or businesses reasons.

Let us look at the different kinds of attestation types of documents –

Notary Attestation:

It is meant for the local notary to authenticate the documents with the help of a signature.

Home Department:

They are providing attestation for things like personal documents related to marriage & death.

HRD Attestation:

It is the human resource department that is attesting the education documents and verification is done from the universities.

MEA Attestation:

It comes under the central department dealing with foreign affairs of the country and provides attestation as a stamp on the relevant documents.

When traveling to foreign lands or countries, it becomes absolutely critical to collect all the necessary details that are necessary for the visiting country to verify your identity. This further assists the individual to take up the position they applied for & per the local requirements. You need to have all the documents in place so that you’re not questioned by foreign authorities. The individuals will be able to fulfill their needs related to travel, trade, education, & other needs with certificate attestation.

Are you looking to take your children & family along with you to a foreign country? Make sure that all the documents are in place for true verification. Select the best MEA attestation services in India that assist you in the attested certification in a quick time. The advantages of acquiring the attestation service depend on the time & the cost of service. Reach out to relevant attestation service provider with the right records & reputation of completing the formalities within time.

People think that self-attestation is enough for the job, but that isn’t true. You need verification from the relevant documents or authorities so that you can do the desired job in a foreign land. Study abroad now or start a new career in a developed country with help of effective document verification. Let the task be handled by experts as they’re able to get the attestation done in real quick time.

Why do you Need HRD Attestation Services?

Why do you Need HRD Attestation Services?

HRD or Human Resource Development department is controlled by the central government and manages the issues related to certifications or degrees. These are state-level procedures that can be authorized only by the top-ranking professionals of the department. If you’re planning to move to a foreign country for a job or studying then HRD attestation is a must. The Chennai HRD attestation will be the best & most convenient option for people living in this part of the world.

Attestation means authentication of the original documents and thus assists people in foreign countries to consider your documents. The attestation is done by the government department and thus becomes a legal procedure before joining a firm or company. It is also the process referred to as validation of documents and it is based on the needs of the destination country. Make sure they acknowledge the documents as trustable and thus the documents can be used for multiple needs. Take help from the HRD department with experience in attesting the documents in a quick time.

The HRD attestation is meant for

  • Validating the documents when you join a foreign company & in a foreign land.
  • If you’re applying for higher education then the university needs to verify the earlier documents and thus attestation comes to use.
  • If you’re looking to start a business then the local government asks for all relevant documents before starting the work & thus attestation becomes an easy option.
  • If you’re stuck in a legal battle in a foreign land then there might be the need for submission of all legal documents and attested documents are also included in it.

The Chennai HRD attestation is the best way to verify your documents and the process needs to be completed by anyone looking for opportunities abroad. These documents work as a proof for the professionals and thus assist them to complete the work within a limited time. It is hard to straightforward submit the document to the HRD department for attestation and thus it needs to go through a process. The attestation service providers are best placed to assist you in getting the documents signed by the HRD department.

Attestation certifications are needed for different reasons and become mandatory for the nation you’re going to visit! All the local agencies or companies have their own set of plans and the documents work as the evidence to run the business overseas. These documents are also helpful in opening up bank accounts in foreign countries on an early count. Make sure you contact the professionals who’re able to provide you with the documents in a quick time.

You need to do the attestation from different departments and the best way forward will be to get the attestation done on an individual basis. But take the help of Chennai HRD attestation for the best solutions of signing documents at the correct time. Contact the professionals who’re able to get the documents signed in quick time & succession.

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