Different Types of Attestation Services You Need in Chennai When Moving Abroad

Are you getting ready to move abroad from Chennai for work, study or any other reason? If so, there is an important document process you must complete called attestation.

Attestation is when your important personal documents like educational certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates and more get officially certified as legitimate records. Many countries require this attestation of documents before they will allow you to immigrate, get a job, or be admitted to their universities.

Rather than trying to get this complicated attestation done on your own, it’s wise to use professional attestation services in Chennai. The right company will handle all the required steps to properly attest your documents according to the rules of whatever country you are moving to.


Types of attestation services in Chennai:

Here are the main types of attestation services in Chennai that you may need when moving abroad:

1. Education Certificate Attestation:

If you plan to continue your higher studies or look for a job after moving abroad, you will need to get your educational certificates and transcripts attested. This includes attestation for degrees, diplomas and marksheets from 10th standard all the way up.

2. Birth Certificate Attestation:

Your original birth certificate issued by the government must go through a multi-step attestation process before being considered a valid record in another country. Birth certificate attestation in Chennai is mandatory for immigration applications and processes overseas.

3. Marriage Certificate Attestation:

Married couples looking to move abroad together should not forget about getting their marriage certificate attested as well. This attestation verifies your marriage is legitimate as per Indian laws.

4. Commercial Document Attestation:

Those moving abroad to start a business or get employed will require attestation services in Chennai for various commercial documents. This can include company registration certificates, income and tax records, business incorporation documents and more.

5. Miscellaneous Certificate Attestation:

There are many other personal documents that may need attestation based on individual situations when moving internationally. This could include attestation for PAN cards, ration cards, driver’s licenses, affidavits, banks statements and other miscellaneous certificates.

The basic attestation process in Chennai involves first getting your original document certified as authentic by the local municipal authority like the Corporation of Chennai or District Court. Then it goes through additional verification steps with the State Home Department and Human Resource Ministry.


Finally, the attestation is completed by the Department of the Ministry of External Affairs in Chennai and the Consulate of the country you are moving to.

As you can see, there are quite a few complicated attestation requirements and steps involved when moving abroad with personal documents originating in Chennai. Missing any part of the process could result in rejected applications and inadmissible documents when you reach your destination country.

That’s why it is highly recommended to use professional and experienced attestation service providers in Chennai for this critically important task. The right attestation service company will review your specific documents, advise you on all attestation requirements for your situation, and diligently handle the entire attestation process for you from start to finish – saving you considerable time and hassle.

Instead of risking delays or rejected attestations that could derail your international move, put this important responsibility in the hands of legitimate attestation service experts in Chennai. Their knowledge and experience providing these services gives you confidence that your personal documents will be properly validated and accepted when you arrive at your new home abroad.

So if you are preparing for an international move from Chennai for any reason, make sure to research and book reputable attestation services in Chennai for your specific document needs. With this vital processing complete, you can proceed with your moving plans overseas with far less stress and struggle. Proper document attestation is the key to keeping your move abroad as smooth and straightforward as possible!