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How To Get Your Degree/Transcript Attested: A Step-by-Step Guide

Degree  Attestation is an important procedure for your work visa abroad or Gulf countries irrespective of your country of citizenship. Only attested certificates will be accepted to issue your employment/work visa for UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, or Kuwait. In this procedure, your document goes to the various government department.


What is attestation?

Attestation procedure is a written (Attestation) document prepared by the designated department of issuing authorities such as: State HRD / Subdivisional Magistrate of India  Take a look at the below procedure to learn about the attestation process. In the interview process, you are required to submit all the documents required by your respective Department of your country.

What is the process of attestation?


First of all, you need to find out the government department that issues your attestation certificate in the UAE, GCC, or any other country. Once you identify the attestation department you need to fill the application form. The application form consists of the Applicant’s personal data such as name, date of birth, sex, and nationality Degree/diploma details – the name of the college, year of graduation, course name, qualification, and all details required for attestation. A certification for verification of your degree or diploma by the college registrar and authority concerned (if applicable). A copy of your academic transcript from the college/university.

Attestation steps :


Why do you need to get your degree/transcript attested?

These documents are part of your UAE Residency visa. Your attested documents are used as a seal in case you lose or forget your original documents. These attested documents are also used for permanent employment in UAE or GCC countries. Under the UAE Residency Visa, your degree/transcript attestation is mandatory for many jobs. For example, a government/public service job applicant must have an attested degree from a recognized university in UAE. Job applicants must also be having current/held employment in UAE or GCC countries. Under GCC law, if you are without a passport, school certificates, or any other document to prove you studied in UAE then you will not be issued a UAE/GCC Residency visa. Therefore, you will be stranded in your country of origin.


What are the documents required for attestation?

If you are applying for your UAE Government Certificate/Certificate of Merit as well as for your visa, they must be original: Official document from an employer that is signed by you and has your name and signature on it Original copy of your transcripts or degree certificate. If you have an old or a fake certificate, then you need to pay Dh5000 or $7,000 fine (if you are the employer).


Where to get attested certificates?

In the UAE, you can apply for your attested certificates from Al Nahyan Driving License Center. And in Oman, you can get your attested certificates from Mohammed bin Rashid Driving License Center. In Kuwait, you can get your attested certificates from Department of Traffic or Al Qassim Directorate of Traffic. Once you reach their respective centers, be sure to bring an original copy of your Diplomatic or Consular Visa, Diploma or Transcript, signature of the applicant and the attestation fee. The certificate will be issued within a maximum of 30 days.



The certificate attestation in UAE is so important that I have found in my own experience that when I have sent my document to the US embassy for attestation, they almost require one of my documents for their embassy – i.e. my attested copy. Gulf nations generally accept some copies as attestation, so the local embassy in your country can help you out by helping you get the attestation done.

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