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Divorce certificate attestation in UAE

If you are a woman on your husband’s visa and are living in UAE and are getting divorced or widowed, the UAE Government grants you an extension of one-year on her residence visa.

The extension starts from the date of the death of your husband or the divorce.

This type of visa is renewable for one time only and does not require a substitute sponsor.

The extension applies to your children as well provided they were on their father’s visa at the time of their father’s death or their parents’ divorce.

The widow or divorcee will need to apply through the relevant immigration channels: 

  • a proof of divorce or death (if the divorce was out of UAE, then attested divorce certificate needs to be produced, or if the spouse has died, the death certificate attestation is mandatory)
  • a proof of availability of house for the woman
  • a proof of the woman’s ability to earn a living
  • medical fitness certificates for the woman and her child/children over the age 18
  • Emirates ID card
  • health insurance cards, as applicable in some emirates.

First of all, here is a standard list of documents to sponsor a dependent regardless of the fact that you might be a single mom:

  • Your own visa and EID 
  • Tenancy contract approved by the government (EJARI or Municipality approval)
  • Salary certificate
  • Attested birth certificate (attestation in UAE Embassy in the home country and in Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Passport of the dependent
  • Passport format photos of the dependent
  • Your health insurance
  • Types application forms
  • Fees
  • Certificate Attestation in the home country – The Certificate is then attested to give it an international authority. The attestation is taken to the relevant MOFA of the applicant’s country where the document issued. The ministry attests the documents by cross-verifying  the details of a notary and subdivisional magistrate attestation.
  • Certificate attestation by UAE embassy –  Once the documents are attested from the ministry of external affairs then The attested document is then submitted to the UAE embassy /consulate in the country of origin for certification. The UAE embassy checks if the documents have been correctly verified by the relevant ministry before stamping them. after completion of this step, it is then brought to UAE for completion for the final stage in the authentication process.
  • Attestation by the UAE Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) in the Destination Country – Once the documents are brought to UAE  it is submitted to MOFA for Department. Once submitted it is verified by MOFA to ensure that it has been notarized, attested, and certified up to its UAE embassy in the country of origin.
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