Things you should know about Experience Certificate Attestation

Traveling abroad for employment opportunities? If yes, then an experience certificate is one of the important documents that you shouldn’t forget.

It’s a formal letter issued by the previous employers to certify that you worked in their organizations for a particular time period. The letter or certificate includes the name of the organization you worked for, the time period (joining date and relieving date) you worked in their organizations and your designation in the organizations at the time of resignation. It gives an insight into your experience in a particular field.

But the experience certificate issued by Indian employers or issued in India is valid abroad only if it is attested. Experience certificate attestation is a legal procedure that proves your document is genuine. In this process, an attestation stamp from the designated official is procured in the home country. After attestation, you get permission to enter a foreign country.

Documents required for experience certificate attestation

  • Original and photocopy of your experience certificate
  • Copy of your passport
  • 2 passport size photos

Process of experience certificate attestation 

The experience certificate goes through the following departments to complete the attestation process:

  • Notary attestation
  • Home Department Attestation
  • Ministry of External Affairs or MEA attestation
  • Embassy attestation

The process starts from the notary, which is the basic requirement of any law-related legalization process. The official performs verification at your employer’s site and approves the certificate in the form of a signature and stamp.

Second, the document goes to Home Department where the officials sign and attests the certificate based on the verification done by the notary officials.

Third, the document is sent for MEA attestation, which is the last level of authentication from the home government. It’s a central department that deals with the foreign matters of the country.

The final step of the process is Embassy attestation. In this, the officials of the country you intend to travel attest the certificate based on their rules and regulations.

Time required for experience certificate attestation 

Usually, it takes 8 to 10 days to finish the attestation process. However, it depends on various aspects like the country for which you require attestation, the state you require it from, and so on. It can also stretch up to a couple of weeks or more than a month.

The processing time also depends on the knowledge of the person applying for attestation. At every step of the attestation process, you need to follow some rules and submit the documents accordingly. One mistake will hold or cancel the attestation process and you will have to re-apply.

To avoid any mistake and resubmission of the application, you should work with an attestation agency. The professionals at the agency are thorough with the process and can complete it with ease. Also, they will reduce the processing time.

What is Certificate Attestation Procedure in India?

When you are applying for a job or student visa, certificate attestation is required for visa approval. It is the process that legalizes and authenticates the original degree certificate, educational certificates, and other related documents that you will need to process your visa application. Your visa application will not be approved without attested certificates. It is done by government-approved attestation services where you need to provide your certificates to the authorities for attestation and stamp.

During a certificate attestation process, your documents are reviewed and scrutinized at different levels to approve their authenticity. It is done in four phases in India that involves document verification and attestation from different authorities. These four phases are: Verification from certificate issuing department or university

Before going through the actual attestation process, verification of your documents is necessary to prove their authenticity. It is mandatory to get the HRD attestation that is the next phase of certificate attestation. Verification of your documents is done from the department that issued them in the first place like institutes, universities, boards, or any other department. It is a necessary process for almost all the certificates before the HRD attestation.

HRD Attestation

After the verification process, documents are submitted to the human resource development department in the concerned state for the initial attestation. HRD attestation can be done only in the state where the documents are issued.

MEA attestation

MEA or Ministry of External Affairs Attestation is the next phase of your certificate attestation for the visa process. You will receive MEA attestation or Apostille Attestation depending on which country you are traveling to. Apostille attestation is acceptable in 104 member-countries of the Hague Convention while the normal MEA attestation is done for all other countries where apostille is not accepted.

Embassy Attestation

Once you are done with initial verification, HRD attestation, and MEA attestation, your certificates are submitted to the concerned embassy in your country for the final attestation. They will provide the official stamp and signature to attest your documents. After this, you can submit your attested documents for the visa approval process.

The certificate attestation process in India can be challenging and time-consuming where you are required to go to different departments for attestation. During the certificate attestation process, you will be asked to submit your original documents, pass copy, visa copy, photographs, and authorization letter (if required) at different stages. A government-approved attestation agency can complete the whole process on your behalf in quick time. These agencies collect your documents from your home and deliver them back to your doorsteps after the final attestation. It will help you avoid the trouble of visiting different departments to save time and energy.