Apostille Services for Italy

Moving to Italy and need your Indian documents legalized? Apostille services can help. Through the Hague Apostille Convention, Indian documents like degrees, birth certificates and marriage certificates can be authenticated for use in Italy. The apostille process verifies the origin and legitimacy of documents issued in one member country for use in another. This simplifies validating credentials internationally.

This guide covers everything you need to know about getting apostille services in India for documents headed to Italy. We'll explain:

Whether you need a degree certificate apostille for study or work or a birth certificate apostille for a child, this guide will help you understand the Indian document apostille process for smooth use in Italy.
Currently we have many Indian moving abroad for work, study, business or immigration. There are many Indian students who opt to study in Italy, France, Germany in Europe due to the affordable fee structure for higher studies.
Prior to securing a seat in the college or university, they need to get their certificates apostilled for Itay, France, Germany etc.
Similarly, if you are deciding to move to Italy on work purpose, you would need to apostille your degree certificates for Italy, France, Germany etc depending on your destination country.
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In 1961, The Hague Convention was formed. The Apostille or Hague convention is a group of countries who agreed to a treaty between them. This treaty or Hague convention agreement simplified the authentication of documents from one country to be used in another. The Apostille Convention is intended to make simpler the process through which a document, issued in one of the member countries, can be certified for legal purposes in the other member countries of the Apostille Convention. A certification under the Convention is called an apostille or Hague apostille.
Yes, India is an apostille member since 2005
Italy joined the Hague Apostille Convention in 1978
Yes, it is mandatory to complete the HRD attestation prior to affixing the Apostille for Italy.
For an Indian degree to be used in Italy, the following attestation / apostille is required:
  • HRD attestation from the respective state where the degree originates
  • Apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs in India
The apostille is quite quick. The apostille stamp is affixed by the Ministry of External Affairs in India. This takes about 3-5 working days once we have the document in hand excluding any courier time.
The apostille is necessary for the marriage certificate if sponsoring your spouse from India
State HRD attestation is not mandatory for the apostille stamp
The Indian marriage certificate is:
  • Notarised by a notary public
  • Attestation by the Sub Division Magistrate
  • Attestation by the Sub Division Magistrate
The apostille is necessary for the Indian birth certificate if sponsoring your child from India.
State HRD attestation is not mandatory for the apostille stamp

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