Saudi Police Clearance Certificate

How to Apply for a Saudi Police Clearance Certificate

A Saudi Police Clearance Certificate, also known as a Good Conduct Certificate, is a legal document that the Saudi government issues. It provides details of an individual’s criminal record or confirms the lack of any criminal record in Saudi Arabia.
Expats and Saudi nationals who have resided in Saudi Arabia may require a Saudi PCC when:
Below is the complete process to apply for and obtain a police clearance certificate when in Saudi Arabia or after leaving the country:

Who can apply for a Saudi PCC?

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    How to Apply for a Saudi PCC?

    For applicants within Saudi Arabia:
    For applicants outside Saudi Arabia:

    Documents Required for Saudi PCC Application

    Saudi PCC Validity

    The Saudi Police Clearance Certificate is valid for 3 months from the issue date. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must certify it for extended validity.
    We hope this guide provides complete details on how Saudi citizens and expats can easily apply for and obtain a police clearance certificate in Saudi Arabia or overseas.
    Here are some additional details I can provide to expand on the Saudi Arabia Police Clearance Certificate application process:
    • Saudi men need to provide proof of completion or exemption from military service when applying for a PCC. This can be done by providing their military service card.
    • Illiterate applicants need to visit the police station in person along with a male guardian for fingerprinting.
    • Applicants who have lived outside Saudi Arabia for over 6 months need to provide a PCC from that country as well.
    • Minor applicants below 18 need to submit a copy of their birth certificate along with the application.
    • Married female applicants need to provide a copy of their marriage certificate.
    • Converts to Islam need to submit an attested copy of their conversion certificate.
    • The fees for a Saudi PCC are SAR 100 within Saudi Arabia and SAR 500 when applied for from abroad.
    • Fees can be paid via cash at police stations or electronic bank transfer when applying at embassies.
    • The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must certify the PCC before use outside Saudi Arabia.
    • Attestation can be done at the Ministry office in Riyadh or at designated Saudi embassies abroad.
    • Additional charges apply for attestation: SAR 200 within Saudi Arabia and SAR 600 overseas.
    Please let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions about applying for a Saudi PCC.

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