Dataflow Verification in Chennai - Process, Requirements and FAQs

Dataflow verification in Chennai is essential for healthcare professionals planning to migrate abroad for jobs. This guide explains what dataflow verification is, why it is needed, requirements, process and FAQs.

What is Dataflow Verification?

Dataflow verification is the process of validating the authenticity of documents like degrees, diplomas, work experience letters etc. directly from the issuing authority or university. It helps expose fraudulent/fake documents and is mandated by healthcare regulators in Gulf countries before issuing license.

Why is Dataflow Verification Needed?

  • Helps authorities screen out candidates with fake or non-genuine documents.
  • Mitigates risks for employers regarding qualifications, experience and competency.
  • Meets legal standards and requirements in Gulf countries.
  • Dataflow verification reports are valid for 2 years.

Dataflow Verification Requirements in Chennai

To apply for dataflow verification from Chennai, you need:
  • Passport copy
  • Educational certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Registration with medical councils
  • Experience letters
  • Recent passport photo
  • Additional documents may be needed

Dataflow Verification Cost in Chennai

Dataflow verification costs around Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000 depending on the number of certificates verified. Additional fees for attestation may apply.

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    Dataflow Verification Process in Chennai

    Step 1

    Submit your documents to approved agencies

    Step 2

    The agency contacts and verifies your credentials with the issuing authority directly.

    Step 3

    A dataflow report is issued within 3–4 weeks, highlighting verified information.

    Step 4

    The report can be submitted to employers or authorities in Gulf countries.


    Degree certificate, transcripts, registration certificate and experience letters are verified.

    3-4 weeks  depending on the issuing authority’s location.

    Yes, dataflow is a mandatory requirement across Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

    Yes, dataflow process and requirements remain the same irrespective of city.

    Dataflow verification creates a credible profile that helps expats secure jobs abroad. Connect with top consultants in Chennai for hassle-free services.

    Dataflow verification being used for MOE equivalency process:

    • The dataflow verification report is also utilized for getting MOE (Ministry of Education) equivalency attestation done in UAE.
    • The Ministry of Education in UAE requires degree certificates to be equated for recognizing foreign qualifications.
    • In the MOE equivalency process, the dataflow report acts as pre-verification of the authenticity of certificates before submission to MOE.
    • The dataflow partner agency submits the report along with copies of degree certificate, transcripts, marksheets to the UAE Ministry of Education.
    • MOE thoroughly evaluates the curriculum, course content, training duration etc and issues an equivalency letter accordingly.
    • This confirming that the qualification is equivalent to the corresponding UAE degree standard. The MOE equivalency is mandatory for expats to get suitable employment in government/semi-government sectors, apply for higher education and get immigration benefits in UAE.
    • Therefore, getting dataflow verification done also aids the subsequent MOE attestation process for degree equivalency in a smoother way.
    • It eliminates the need for universities abroad to re-verify credentials directly with MOE once dataflow validation is already completed.

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