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Bahrain became a member of the Hague Convention in April 2013. Bahrain is one of the GCC countries located in the Middle East. The Royal Family is in charge of it.
All documents like degrees, diplomas, marriage certificates, birth certificates, commercial documents, etc. only need apostille stamping. Before Bahrain was not a member of the Hague Convention, documents had previously needed additional Bahrain embassy attestation. This is no longer necessary.
A third step of legalisation by the Bahrain embassy in India is no longer required as India and Bahrain are members of the apostille convention.
We apostille documents for use in Bahrain and Tamil Nadu. General documents related to employment include degrees and diploma certificates, training certificates, and professional qualifications. Non-educational documents such as birth and marriage certificates, PCC certificates, salary certificates, POA’s, medical certificates, school transfer certificates, etc. Many companies that wish to set up a foreign branch of their company in Bahrain are required to provide certificates of incorporation, resolutions, banking documents, contracts, agreements, and other formal company documents.
We can process all Indian document attestations for use in Bahrain quickly.
Please contact us for information on current processing times and prices.
If you need to get in touch with the Bahrain Embassy, their contact details are:

Bahrain Embassy in Delhi

42, Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, Basant Lok

South West Delhi, 110057

(+91) 11 26154153

The embassy can confirm that documents do not need further embassy attestation.
When your documents have been legalised by apostille, we can ship them directly anywhere in India


Fast Processing: Get your documents apostilled in just a few days with our swift services. Avoid long wait times.
No Embassy Legalization: Since India and Bahrain are part of the Hague Apostille Convention, embassy legalization after apostille is not required.
Assured Authenticity: Stringent vetting of documents assures complete validity and authenticity.
Complete Peace of Mind: Our expertise in the process ensures everything is handled reliably, leaving you tension-free.
Doorstep Pickup/Delivery: No need to visit our office; we offer convenient pickup and delivery options.

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    Our apostille service includes

    Once you share your document that requires apostille for Bahrain, if it’s a degree, we will verify if the university is affiliated with the UGC (University Grant Commission) and is not from a blacklisted university since the Ministry of External Affairs will not accept this certificate. A marriage or birth certificate has to be obtained from the registrar’s office or municipal office and have a QR code for further authentication. Once we have verified this, we can move on to the notary service, SDM attestation, and finally, MEA apostille stamping.
    After the above verification is completed, we will proceed to notarise the certificate
    Your document is then submitted to the Sub Division Magistrate, where it is further attested in order to be compliant with the MEA apostille.

    MEA Apostille

    The final step is the Apostille stamp issued by the Ministry of External Affairs
    Certificate attestation is a must if you are deciding to move to Bahrain on a work visa, student visa, dependent visa, or opening a business in Bahrain. Through the process of apostille or attestation, your documents can legally be used in Bahrain
    Its important to understand the implications of the apostille procedure. An individual in India cannot submit documents to the MEA or SDM directly. The government authority’s designated authorized agents, who are qualified to submit documents, process the submission of documents. Using a reliable agent is always a lifesaving decision; this means your documents are safe and the authentication process is correctly executed.
    The costs vary from agent to agent. On aggregate, you would spend INR 4500, including the service fee, which takes about a week to process.
    We require the original certificates and passport copies
    No, it is not required to undergo HRD attestation for Bahrain
    First of all, Bahrain embassy attestation is not required. As an individual, it’s difficult to secure attestation from the Bahrain embassy. Contacting an experienced attestation agent is crucial.
    Most of the time, Bahrain accepts an apostilled certificate for use within Bahrain. However, depending on country to country, you have to do the Bahrain embassy attestation in the country of origin if that country is a non-apostille country.
    We define embassy legalisation as a process wherein an embassy or consulate authenticates or ratifies a document within a country for use internationally. The embassy stamps the document only after the local authorities who issued the certificate confirm its authenticity. The embassy stamping is the final step in the attestation procedures.

    The issuing authority in Bahrain (the Ministry of Education for educational documents, the Ministry of Health for birth and marriage certificates, etc.) must first attest a Bahraini-issued document before having it apostilled or attested for use in another nation. Once the local authority has attested the document, the only designated authority to issue or ratify the original document is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bahrain for use abroad. Only after they have stamped the document can it be further legalised by the embassy where the document is destined to be used. So, for example, if the document is to be used in India, you may require Indian Embassy attestation in Bahrain. Having said this, since India is also a member of the apostille convention, you may not require an embassy attestation.

    Our reliable and quick apostille service in Tamil Nadu will ensure your documents are correctly legalised in just a few days.

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