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Moving abroad?

You will likely need a birth certificate attested to be accepted by your new country. Attestation verifies the authenticity of your document and ensures its legal validity.

 Birth Certificate Attestation is a mandatory requirement when you plan to travel with family, working abroad and sponsoring your family, or school admission Birth Certificate Attestation is mandatory requirement. It authenticates the genuineness of the birth certificate and ensures that it complies with the legal standards of the host country. Without proper attestation, birth certificates may not be recognized, which can lead to various challenges in obtaining visas, residency permits, and other essential documents.

Birth Certificate Attestation India | Indian Birth Certificate Attestation

Attestation of birth certificates involves having an authorized individual, department, or authority witness the document, applying their official seal and signature. This process confirms that the birth certificate was issued by the specified department and that the seal and signature on the certificate are genuine

Why is Birth Certificate Attestation Important?

 Birth Certificate Attestation is a mandatory requirement for using birth certificate abroad for various purposes, including:

  • Obtaining visas
  • Securing residency permits
  • School Admissions

What are the steps involved in attesting a birth certificate in India?

1- State Level Attestation:Most personal documents like Birth Certificate required attestation from the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) in your Indian jurisdiction. (For Birth Certificate Attestation from Kerala, a request letter to the Home Department might be needed)

2- Ministry of External Affairs (MEA): Once attested by the Home Department, submit the attested Birth Certificate to the MEA for further attestation.

3- Embassy Attestation:Finally, submit an MEA-attested Birth Certificate to the relevant embassy or consulate in India for their final stamp of approval.

Translation: Birth certificates in a language other than the embassy’s preferred language (often English or Arabic) might require translation by a certified translator. We can assist you with this service Translation in India

Which documents are required for birth certificate attestation in India?

Documents Required:

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    Yes, most countries require attestation of birth certificates to verify their authenticity and ensure they comply with local legal standards.

    If your birth certificate is in a language other than the preferred language of the embassy (often English or Arabic), it will need to be translated by a certified translator.

    Attestation is typically required for long-term stays involving visas, residency permits, work, or study. Short visits for tourism may not require this, but it’s best to check the specific requirements of the host country.

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