Applying for a UAE MOE Equivalency Certificate from India

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    Equivalency Certificate Application from India

    Equivalency certificate or Equalization of studies from a country other than the UAE is the process by which the Ministry of Education in the UAE officially validates a degree and acknowledges the studies as being equal to UAE standards. It typically involves attestations in the home country of the certificate and the destination country (in our case, the UAE), and finally the review by the equivalency committee, after which the certificate of equivalency is issued from the Ministry of Education, UAE.

    It is critical to follow the procedure outlined below:

    1. Get the certificate attested in the home country of the certificate. This typically involves getting it attested from the university, ministry of education, ministry of foreign affairs, etc. in the home country.
    2. Once attested in the home country, get it attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This would involve getting the Ministry’s stamp on the attested certificate.
    3. Applying for verification through Quadrabay or Dataflow Note: MOE Announces Discontinuation of Genuineness Letters.

    4. Assist with the verification process through Quadrabay or Dataflow

    5. After verification is done, apply for the equivalency certificate on the Ministry of Education website or portal. Provide all the required details and documents.
    6. The Ministry will evaluate the application and issue an equivalency certificate if approved. This certificate confirms that the degree is equal to UAE standards.

    Globo Prime can assist with:

    • Attestation of all relevant certificates from home country
    • Attestation of relevant certificates from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE
    • Apply for equivalency on behalf of client via the MOE website
    equivalency certificate India to uae

    key challenges in obtaining an equivalency certificate in the UAE:

    The process of getting an equivalency certificate in the UAE can be difficult due to challenges such as coordinating with home country institutions for documents, navigating the complex attestation procedures, finding certified translators, dealing with time delays, managing high costs, locating experienced consultancies, and meeting the approval criteria set by the UAE Ministry of Education. Careful planning and persistence is crucial to overcome these hurdles in assembling all required documents and getting attestations in the home country as well as in the UAE.

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