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    Equivalency Certificate Application from India

    Equivalency certificate or Equalization of studies from a country other than the UAE is the process by which Ministry of Education in UAE officially validate a degree and acknowledge the studies to be equal to UAE standard. It typically involves attestations in the home country of the certificate and the destination country (in our case UAE) finally the review by equivalency committee after which the certificate of Equivalency is issued from the Ministry of education, UAE.

    It is critical to follow the procedure outlined below:

    1)Document Attestation. 

    2)Applying to the Indian embassy for a genuinity letter (if the certificates are from India, All Asian and African countries) (in the case of Indian certificates) 

    3)Applying for an equivalency certificate through the Ministry of Education’s website.

    Globo Prime can assist with:

    • Attestation of all relevant certificates from home country
    • Attestation of relevant certificates from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE
    • Apply for equivalency on behalf of client via the MOE website
    equivalency certificate India to uae

    Types Of Equivalency

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