HRD / GAD attestation in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

HRD attestation in Andhra Pradesh is also called GAD attestation. GAD, meaning General Administration Department The terminology is most popular in Telangana State. The HRD or GAD attestation is done in the state’s secretariat’s office in Hyderabad. The procedure is similar to HRD for other states. The HRD attestation in Hyderabad is specific to degrees secured in colleges and universities in Andhra Pradesh. The process of HRD attestation can be quite cumbersome and tedious. Its best left to an attestation service company such as GloboPrime to help you with the procedure.

Which embassies in India require HRD/ GAD attestation as a mandatory process prior to embassy / apostille attestation?

The Saudi embassy attestation / or apostille services can be done only if the HRD attestation is completed. The same process is to Qatari embassy attestation, Italian apostille services, and French apostille services.

Which embassies in India require HRD as a mandatory process prior to embassy / apostille attestation?

The Saudi embassy attestation / or Apostille services can be done only if the HRD attestation is completed. The same process is for Qatar embassy attestation, Italian Apostille services, and French Apostille services.

What certificate undergoes HRD / GAD attestation?

HRD/ GAD for degree certificates originating from Andhra Pradesh IS MANDATORY. All other certificates, like transcripts or marksheets, birth and marriage certificates, and other personal and commercial documents, HRD attestation is not MANDATORY. All other certificates undergo a process called Sub Division Magistrate attestation prior to being submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs or Apostille Services, followed by the respective embassy (in India), depending on which country the certificate will be used in.
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What supporting documents do you require for GAD /HRD attestation to work abroad?

There are only four countries that require HRD attestation as mandatory, i.e., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, and Italy.

What supporting documents do you require for HRD / GAD attestation to study abroad for a Master degree or PHD?

Is HRD / GAD legalization mandatory for all countries if going to study abroad?

Depending on the admission procedure of the university abroad, most universities ask for HRD verification. If you are pursuing a Master or PHD abroad, HRD attestation of a bachelor degree is a must. Similarly, if you are pursuing a PHD abroad, then your master’s degree needs to be attested by HRD department. There are only four countries that require HRD attestation as mandatory, i.e. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, and Italy.

Which department performs the HRD/ GAD attestation?

HRD authentication centers are available in all states. Only the degree certificate that is issued in a specific state and comes under that university or the board located in that state can be attested by state HRD.

What is the duration of GAD/ HRD legalisation?

Generically speaking, the HRD attestation process takes about 20 to 25 working days depending on how quickly the university responds to the verification from the Ministry of External Affairs. Once the university responds and verifies the attendance and authenticity of the degree, only then will the MEA issue a document with an approval to the state HRD to stamp the degree.

Who requires HRD attestation?

Anyone who is pursuing a student visa abroad, a work visa abroad or an employment visa abroarequires a HRD authentication.

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