Complete Guide to Get SCFHS License for Healthcare Jobs in Saudi from India

Healthcare professionals from India looking to work in Saudi Arabia require a license from the Saudi Commission for Healthcare Specialties (SCFHS). This guide provides information on eligibility, required documents, exam registration, preparation tips and the overall licensing process from India.

To apply for SCFHS licensing from India, you must have:

  • MBBS, BDS, BPharm degree or nursing/paramedical diploma
  • Completed internship and have minimum 2 years clinical experience
  • Valid registration with MCI/State Medical Councils
  • Passport copy
  • Degree certificate
  • Transcripts
  • Registration certificate
  • Experience letters
  • Recent passport photo
  • Good standing certificate
  • Verify your qualifications through authorized agencies
  • Complete SCFHS exam registration and fee payment online
  • Book your exam date at approved Prometric test centers
  • SCFHS conducts licensing exams for each profession like medicine, dentistry etc.
  • The computer-based test comprises 120 MCQs to be completed in 2 hours
  • Taking coaching classes and mock tests is highly recommended
  • After clearing the licensing exam, apply for SCFHS license through online portal
  • The initial license is valid for 3 years after which renewal is required
  • Once approved, you can move to Saudi Arabia for employment


SCFHS exam fees are typically around SAR 1000 to 1500 depending on profession.
SCFHS licensing exams can be taken at authorized Prometric test centers across India.

The SCFHS license is valid for 3 years initially after which renewal is required.

Getting an SCFHS license allows Indian healthcare practitioners to legally work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Follow the step-by-step guide for a smooth licensing process.

Here are the major healthcare professions that require SCFHS licensing to practice in Saudi Arabia:

  • Doctors (MBBS) – General practitioners, specialists, surgeons require SCFHS license to work in hospitals, clinics etc.
  • Dentists (BDS) – Dentists need SCFHS licensing to work independently or with healthcare facilities.
  • Nurses – Nurses including general nursing, critical care, pediatric etc. need to get SCFHS licensed.
  • Pharmacists – Pharmacists with BPharm degree require a license from SCFHS for pharmaceutical jobs.
  • Physiotherapists – Physiotherapists need SCFHS approval to work in Saudi Arabia.
  • Laboratory Technicians – MLTs, radiology technicians require SCFHS license to work in labs and diagnostic centers.
  • Psychologists – Clinical psychologists need to fulfill SCFHS licensing terms before practicing.
  • Nutritionists – Nutrition professionals like dieticians need SCFHS clearance for working in Saudi Arabia.
  • Occupational Therapists – Occupational therapists require a valid SCFHS license to practice.
  • Optometrists – Optometrists and ophthalmic assistants need SCFHS licensing to work in the field.

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