UAE Police Clearance Certificate

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in the UAE

A police clearance certificate (PCC) serves as proof that an individual does not have a criminal record in their country of residence. Also known as a good conduct certificate, a PCC is often required for visa applications, admissions to educational institutions, and employment in the UAE.

The process of obtaining a PCC differs slightly depending on whether you are applying from within the UAE or from abroad. Here is a comprehensive guide to getting a police clearance certificate in the UAE, with details for both residents and non-residents.
Applying for a PCC Within the UAE
For residents of the UAE, PCCs can be obtained through the Ministry of Interior, Dubai Police, or local police stations.

Ministry of Interior:

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) offers an online application for UAE residents on their website and mobile app. To apply, you will need:
After submitting the application and documents online, you can opt to collect the certificate in person or have it delivered. Turnaround is usually 24 hours on weekdays.

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    Dubai Police

    To get a PCC in Dubai, you can apply directly through the Dubai Police website, app, or visit a Dubai Police office. The required documents are similar to the MOI application. Delivery options include email, home delivery, or collection.

    UAE residents can also visit their local police station to apply for and collect a PCC on the same day. Required documents are Emirates ID and passport copy.

    PCC fees within the UAE:
    • UAE Nationals: AED 100
    • UAE Residents: AED 200
    • Arabic certificate: AED 50
    • English certificate: AED 150

    Applying for a PCC from Outside the UAE

    If you are no longer a resident of the UAE, you can still apply for a PCC through the MOI or Dubai Police websites. However, the process requires a few additional steps.

    First, you will need to obtain a fingerprint card/report from your local police station. This must then be attested by the UAE Embassy in your home country.

    Required Documents:
    • Attested fingerprint card
    • 2 passport photos
    • Passport copy
    • Last UAE visa copy
    • Reason for application

    Once you have gathered the documents, you can submit the application online and opt for email delivery of the PCC.

    PCC fees from outside the UAE:
    • AED 300-600

    Applying for a PCC from India

    Indian citizens applying for a UAE PCC while residing in India have a slightly different process to follow.
    The first step is to obtain a police clearance certificate from your local police station in India. This proves you do not have a criminal record in India.
    Next, you will need to get the Indian PCC attested by the UAE Embassy in India. Attestation is required before applying for the UAE PCC.
    Once you have obtained and attested the Indian PCC, you can proceed to apply for the UAE PCC through the Dubai Police website as an overseas applicant.
    • Attested Indian PCC
    • 2 passport photos
    • Passport copy
    • Last UAE visa copy
    • Reason for application

    The fee for overseas PCC applications is AED 300. Turnaround time is approximately 5-7 working days.

    Make sure to apply well in advance of any deadlines to avoid delays in obtaining your UAE police clearance certificate from India.

    Some employers in the UAE require a valid PCC when applying for or renewing employment visas.

    If you are in the UAE, you can obtain the PCC by the methods described earlier and provide it to your company’s PRO.

    If you are outside the UAE, you will need to go through the overseas application process and get your PCC attested after receiving it.

    To avoid employment visa delays, apply for your PCC as soon as you receive the visa application paperwork from your company. Also confirm the attestation requirements with your company PRO.

    • Since PCCs are valid for only 3 months, you may need to renew it if there is a delay in your visa application or travel plans.
    • The renewal process is the same as a new application. UAE residents can apply online and overseas applicants need to submit the required documents again.
    • Plan your application and travel timelines carefully to avoid needing a PCC renewal. Apply only when you are ready to travel within the 3 month validity period.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A PCC from the UAE is valid for 3 months from the issue date.
    You can obtain a UAE PCC in English or Arabic. Specify your preferred language in the application.
    For UAE residents, turnaround is usually 24 hours on a working day. For overseas applicants, allow 5-7 days for processing.
    Yes, overseas applicants can request home delivery, but additional shipping charges will apply.
    You can track your UAE PCC application status through these methods:
    • Check your application status on the Dubai Police or MOI website/app
    • Call the 901 hotline and provide your application details
    • Visit the application centre in person to ask about your status
    • Look for email updates if you applied online
    • Use the courier tracking number if you requested home delivery
    • Contact customer support at 8001313 (MOI) or 901 (Dubai Police)
    While most PCCs are issued within 24 hours, you may experience delays due to:
    • Incomplete documentation submitted
    • Inaccurate information provided in the application
    • High application volumes slowing down processing
    • Public holidays closing government offices
    • Technical issues or delays from authorities

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