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Apostille Services in Chennai

What is the mean of Apostille Service? Here is everything to know:

Apostille attestation service is the process by which an official document, issued by a foreign public authority is that confirmed that the signature on a certificate is genuine. The actual authentication consists of a stamp and a signature so that it can be recognized in foreign countries. Certificate / Documents with an Apostille stamp are valid for legal purposes in the countries that have signed The Hague Apostille Convention and do not need to be presented for legalization at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

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Degree Certificate Apostille In Chennai

We offer fast and trusted apostille services in Chennai for educational documents like degree / Diploma etc

Marriage Certificate Apsotille In Chennai

We provide fast and trusted apostille services for your personal documents like Marriage, Birth & Death Certificates, etc

Commercial Documents Apostille in Chennai

We provide fast and trusted commercial document apostille services for POA, PCC, and all other commercial documents

Apsotille Members Countries 2020 (Hague Convention)

As of 2019, there are a total of 98 nations that are part of the Convention. The states that have signed this treaty include: UK, USA,Australia,German,France,Italy Albania, Argentina, Armenia, , Austria, Belgium and Brazil, China, Etc

How to Apostille a degree certificate for use abroad?

Apostille services in Chennai empower you to legalize or attest documents, which are accepted in all the Hague convention countries without any further attestation. There are very few countries in which the Apostille program is necessary to get your data verified and tested. The Apostille Services in India is fast and affordable and get all Apostille services under one roof with us. To know more about the Contact us..

what is apostille service?

An Apostille is specialized certificate stamp , issued by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Apostille stamp will be accepted by the all member of hague convention countries
Apostille procedure

Understand the simple concept of Apostille Procedure:

The concept of Apostille is most important and we have the complete necessary information on this page to make someone know everything appropriately. If you are really applying for it then you must know the complete process, cost and how time does it take to get it done in India.
It is said that when you Apostille a document, you may notice an Apostille sticker or Apostille stamp which is obtained from the authority. You can find this computer-generated task with a unique identification number. And this kind of number is applied to the back of the document.
This is a complete resource that maintains a record online and allows the concerned authorities to check the authenticity in a quite comfortable manner.

It is also important to know that the Ministry of External Affair attests original copies of documents in order to complete the task attestation. This process is done by MEA which is of two types eg.: Apostille and normal attestation. So when you need to be legalized your documents you can use the Apostille Services in Chennai. It is generally required when there is a need to eradicate the necessity of document legalization. This comes when you are going to the foreign countries for all sorts of reasons, for instance, obtaining an employment visa or work visa, applying for temporary or permanent residency, or for pursuing education on a student visa and much more. So if you are looking for a marriage certificate or birth certificate when you travel to a foreign country, you can keep trust in us to authenticate at any time.

is india part of hague convention?

Apostille in India, since 2005, India is a member of the Hague Convention(apostille) of October 5, 1961 that abolished the requirement of the legalization of foreign public documents.

There are different kinds of the process of attestation can be followed listed down.

  • Indian HRD Attestation
  • Indian Embassy Attestation
  • Indian Translation Services
  • Indian Home Department Attestation
  • Indian Police Clearance Certificate
  • Indian mofa attestation
  • Indian Degree Certificate Attestation
  • Indian Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Indian Divorce Certificate Attestation
  • Indian Police Clearance Certificate
  • Indian Experience Certificate Attestation
  • Attesting UAE Documents
  • Attesting Kuwait Documents
  • Attesting Saudi Documents
  • Attesting Qatar Documents
  • Attesting Bahrain Documents
  • Attesting Oman Documents