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In these times there are many people who wish to work, study or live in another country for various reasons. It is mandatory to go through the document attestation procedure while visiting/ relocating or immigrating abroad and you need to use your documents in the destination country.

As a result of outsourcing or streamlining the process, no documents from an individual is accepted by the MEA counter at CPV Division, Patiala House, and New Delhi. In all cases the original document is submitted directly to one of the outsourced companies GloboPrime collection and delivery center.
The original document must be submitted along with a photocopy of the document and a photocopy of the passport of the applicant.

All the necessary original documents are required for attestation or Apostille by the Ministry of External Affairs(MEA), New Delhi. These documents are required to be first authenticated or attested by designated authorities of the state Government territory from where the documents are issued.

When you complete the respective relevant state authority, MEA attestation might be done and MEA has a right to attest the documents. We offer generic information of a list of the regional authentication centers and also the designated authorities that can be seen on the MEA website to collect more information regarding the attestation. None can avoid this fact, that attestation and apostille of the original document and true copies of documents at the Ministry of External Affairs who attest original documents that should be valid with no expiry to the attestation.

This kind of process is mandatory for the personal certification like marriage certificate, birth certification, and death certification, power of attorney Affidavits, and educational certificates. We are here to accept various kinds of documents from individuals and representatives for the Ministry of External Affairs, Qatar Embassy and Embassy of UAE to provide a quick and 100% genuine attestation service.

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Certificate Attestation Procedure in India

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There's a lot of misinformation about the certificate attestation process. Attestation is a process of authenticating the validity of a document from one country so that it can be submitted in different countries. The attestation process itself has four distinct procedures:

  • HRD Attestatation

    All consulates have made HRD attestation compulsory prior to the consulate attestation. This has, in fact, increased the hassles for candidates in terms of time and efforts required for getting the document attested

  • MEA Attestation/ Apsotille

    MEA attestation is the second stage in the embassy attestation process. Before MEA attestation, you have to verify your documents from the respective state authorities. For that, each state has concerned the HRD department for attesting educational documents

  • Embassy Attestation

    Embassy attestation is an important step for people who go abroad from India for their job or studies All their educational and non-educational certificates need to be attested by that country's embassy in India.

  • Ministry of foreign Affairs Attestation

    Mofa is the final step that we handle is to obtain a stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the destination country.

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We handle the entire process from beginning to end, collecting your documents from you if required and delivering them back to you fully attested and ready for whatever purpose you need.ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Vel commodi quam atque sint iste iusto delectus consequatur ratione eaque odit.
  • All Types of Document Attestation

    Our UAE attestation services attests all documents required to be used in UAE. i.e. degree, diploma, marriage & birth certificates, divorce ,PCC certificates etc

  • Regular Service Updates

    which prevents unnecessary worry about where your documents are within the process.

  • Industry-Leading Staff

    our advisers are the best in the industry. Every staff member in the company undertakes regular training to ensure the advice is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Transparent Dealing

    If you are unsure about the type of attestation you need, feel free to contact our team. We will confirm whether your documents are eligible for authentication or not

  • Reliable Indian Attestation Services

    You can count on us to complete the attestation of your documents on-time or even before no matter where your documents originate from, GloboPrime delivers as promised.

  • Fully Inclusive Price

    our fees always include all government and Embassy charges, shipping and VAT (where applicable). There are no hidden costs.

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Two types of MEA attestation

Indian documents being used abroad require MEA attestation for the document to be valid. Certificates issued within India must be attested if using in a foreign country. So the process of attestation of certificate or documents from MEA will be done on the original certificates / documents issues by Indian authorities.
MEA attestation is of two types namely Apostille and External Affairs Attestation. The Apostille is used for the Hague convention countries that has now wiped away with the requirement of the legalization of foreign public documents. External Affairs attestation by the MEA , is required if the document will be used in a non-Hague Convention country.

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Thus, contact us and you will have peace of mind that your documents are attested correctly and promptly. We simplify the process of attestation for you. We provide authentication of documents like Education documents, non-education documents, and commercial documents. Apart from that, we are available for the attestation and legalization of a document by the Ministry of External Affairs. If you want to know more with regards to MEA attestation, you are always free to contact us and secure information through our professional team who are always at hand.

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There are different kinds of the process of attestation can be followed listed down.

  • Indian HRD Attestation
  • Indian Embassy Attestation
  • Indian Translation Services
  • Indian Home Department Attestation
  • Indian Police Clearance Certificate
  • Indian mofa attestation
  • Indian Degree Certificate Attestation
  • Indian Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Indian Divorce Certificate Attestation
  • Indian Police Clearance Certificate
  • Indian Experience Certificate Attestation
  • Attesting UAE Documents
  • Attesting Kuwait Documents
  • Attesting Saudi Documents
  • Attesting Qatar Documents
  • Attesting Bahrain Documents
  • Attesting Oman Documents