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What is the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation?

Ministry of External Affairs is a government commission responsible for India’s foreign relations. It is the third step for Certificate MEA Attestation. The MEA attestation of personal documents is performed after verification from the state home department. The Certificate is further submitted to MEA to verify the Certificate MEA Attestation issued from any state in India is genuine.

Generally, MEA takes 1–2 days for MEA Certificate Attestation.

This central government department deals with external affairs that are related to outside countries. When anyone looking for any legalization process in India at that time it is mandatory to verify your documents and certificates from ministry. This document authentication process is necessary to prove the credibility and genuinity of your documents.

Ministry of External Affairs is an expansion of MEA, it is a government ministry functioning for maintaining the diplomacy of the country. MEA ministry is headed by an elected minister and the government authority is the responsible authority of appointing the MEA minister. Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA) is a synonymous term of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), it will accomplish all foreign related matters of the country. A certification provided by the MEA ministry is known as MEA Attestation, which will increase the prominence of the certificate inside the country. This Attestation is needed at the ending stage of attestation process. MOFA attestation is an integral part of every international communication, this legalization is required for every type of certification such as Attestation and Apostille. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation is provided for every type of documents and original Xerox copy of certificate is needed for obtaining MOFA attestation.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) attestation MEA from Global Attestation Service is essential for verifying your documents to use abroad. MEA Attestation is required for all educational and non-educational documents.

What are the procedures for HRD attestation?

HRD Attestation is the process of verifying educational documents The home department  office is headed by a principal secretary

It is an inside service primarily liable for the support of inner security and local arrangement.

For reasons for verification of records, the HRD service designated the obligation to the particular Home Departments of each state after 2005.

HRD attestation process is obligatory for advanced educational purposes.

A portion of the fundamental purposes behind in acquiring a Home Department verification are recorded underneath.

Document required for HRD attestation:

  • Original Degree
    • Marksheet copy
    • Passport photo copies
    • Passport size photo -2

In case you miss any single ID proof, you have to face major difficulty so you need to carry the complete document with you and complete the attestation services. We have the same attestation services in Bangalore where we provide the complete attestation for entire documents such as marriage certification, Birth certification, education certification, Commercial document attestation, non-educational certificate, and other documents attestation.

Home Department validation is required for the most part for universal employment purposes

Movement reason for existing is another point of this verification

Global understudies acquire this nation of origin authentication for advanced educational purposes.

Home division authentication is a basic and introductory advance of certificate validation.

Every one of the archives implied for authentication/apostille must be validated by the home office.

Out of this 80% of the reports are validated by the Maharashtra Home Department.

The fundamental explanation behind this being Mantralaya has been a point for confirmation from the earliest starting point.

The straightforwardness and agreeableness of Mantralaya authentication at numerous consulates settle on it a well-known decision

What is Embassy Attestation and Why is it Required?

Embassy attestation is the final process of document attestation which is required to legalize your documents before producing in other countries when you travel abroad for different purposes. It is done by the respective embassy /consulates in your country and is followed after the state attestation and MEA attestation. That means during the document attestation process, your document should be first attested from the respective sate Home department of the issuing state and then followed by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation before it can be attested by the embassy.

Document attestation is an essential process for scrutinizing the authenticity of a document to prove your document’s legitimacy in a foreign country. Depending on your purpose of visit, you need embassy attestation services for your essential documents such as birth certificate, education certificate, marriage certificate, professional documents, or any other for legal and official purposes. It depends on the type of visa you are applying for.

Why is it required?

Authentication of the legality of your document is required so that it could be accepted in a foreign country when you are applying for a visa. Your visa will be issued only when your documents have been verified by the respective officials. After the embassy attestation process, your documents will be attached with the sign and stamps to authenticate the credibility and validity of the documents.

Embassy attestation of respective documents is required when you are moving or migrating to another country for different reasons. This is a part of your visa application where you need to submit some mandatory documents depending on your visa type and purpose of visit. It legalizes your documents for the stay in a foreign country. Here’re some of the most common documents that you need to get attested from the respective embassy for your visa application:

  • You need to produce your birth/marriage certificate when moving to a foreign country to live with your family/spouse on a family/resident visa.
  • You need embassy attestation for your educational certificates if moving to a foreign country for higher education on a student visa.
  • You need to get your commercial/business/experience documents or certificates if you are applying for a work or business visa.
  • You will also need embassy attestation for certain medical documents if visiting a foreign country for some medical emergency.

Embassy attestation is processed by the government-approved attestation services that have expertise in doing this job. You need to find the right attestation service provider that understands rules &regulations, processing times, and alteration visa fees for different visa types in different countries. Each country has its own immigration laws and you need to follow all the visa information and processes accordingly. Any professional embassy attestation service provider can help you in providing certification of your original document that you will need at the time visa application and to live in a foreign country legally.

Things to Know About Single Certificate Attestation in India

With increasing transnational marriages these days, a single certificate has become an important document for the people traveling abroad. For India, the number is a bit high because over 15 million Indians are settled abroad who might end up marrying in or from other countries. A single certificate specifies one’s marital status as per the judiciary laws of the country. It’s a statement stating that a person is single or has no dependent from any previous marriage.

Having a plain statement stating the marital status is not valid when traveling abroad; the certificate should be attested in India. Single certificate attestation services in Chennai are important to legalize the document and increase its authenticity by the state government. With this, it will be acceptable in every country (if all the rules are followed).

Further, in this blog, we will discuss the issuing authorities under in India, the process of applying, and the documents required.

The Issuing authorities in India 

 In India, there is no particular authority to attest to a single certificate. But there is a process that every individual has to follow for the legalization of the document. The complete attestations service involves 4 major departments.

Notary– A affidavit is drawn up by a notary to start the attestation process. The officials at the notary verify the authenticity of the documents followed by stamps and signs accordingly. If they the suspicious, the document will not move to another step.

Sub-divisional Magistrate or SDM– Also known as the Home department, it’s the head authority of the district subdivision. The certificate signed and stamped in notary is brought here. The officials verify the affidavit and put the stamp stating certificate attestation is valid.

Ministry of External Affairs or MEA– It’s the top-most authority in the certificate attestation process. If the MEA is satisfied and has placed the stamp on the certificate, it means the statement is authorized by the home government (India).

Embassy- Whichever country the applicant is planning to travel, the document will go for respective Embassy approval. Embassy approval is optional. If the country wants, the certificate will go to the embassy after MEA approval otherwise no need.

The process of applying for the certificate attestation 

The two ways of applying for the certificate attestation are:

 Applicants themselves or their blood relatives

 In case the family members are applying for the attestation, they must have approval and permit to perform the process. It can be in the form of Power of Attorney or any other legal statements. The applicant or the family members have to start the process by preparing and submitting an affidavit along with proof of documents. After that, the certificate will move to SDM followed by MEA stamping and Embassy approval (if required).  

Hiring an attestation service provider 

 If the applicants or their family members are unable to process the certificate attestation, they can take help from professionals by hiring attestation services. The attestation experts or consultants will prepare the draft and the applicants have to only submit the required documents. They will get the certificate attested from the departments.

Documents Required

  • For single certificate attestation, the applicants need the following documents:
  • An affidavit stating that the applicant is single along with all the personal details
  • Any address proof like bank passbook, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, etc. to show that the applicant is the resident at the mentioned address in the affidavit.
  • A valid passport or visa
  • Any documents like birth certificate, school certificate, etc. showing applicant’s date of birth.
  • A letter from applicants’ parents stating they are single. Also, the identity cards of parents.

If the applicant was married before, they need to produce the following documents:

  • Divorce documents if legally divorced
  • Death certificate if the former spouse died

So, we hope this short yet useful post will help the applicants in a single certificate attestation process in India.