UAE equivalency certificate for Indian degree holders: requirements and process

UAE equivalency certificate for Indian degree holders: requirements and process

uae equivalency certificate degree holders
If you are an Indian degree holder seeking career opportunities or further education opportunities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you may need to obtain an equivalency certificate from the UAE Ministry of Education. This certificate validates the equivalence of your academic qualifications to the UAE’s education system, ensuring that your degree is recognized and accepted by employers and educational institutions in the country.We will guide you through the requirements and process of obtaining the UAE equivalency certificate for Indian degree holders.
What is an Equivalency Certificate?
Issued by the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE), an equivalency certificate serves as official recognition that your foreign degree or qualification meets local UAE requirements. It essentially confirms:
  • Your degree-awarding institution is accredited and recognized by the UAE.
  • Your program and curriculum align with UAE standards.
  • Your degree is authentic and not counterfeit.
Who Needs an Equivalency Certificate in the UAE?
Equivalency Certificate is mandatory for:
  • Students: Enrolling in UAE universities with foreign qualifications.
  • Teachers and Lecturers: Securing jobs in UAE Educational Institutions.
  • Engineers: Registering with professional bodies like the Society of Engineers.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Applying for medical licenses.
  • Expats: Landing jobs in government entities and free zone companies.
  • Golden Visa Applicants: Meeting specific category requirements.
Your Step-by-Step Guide to UAE Equivalency Process:
Follow these steps for equivalency process and secure your career by getting Equivalency certificate in UAE:
Step 1- The Process Start with: State/HRD Attestation in India
Your process starts with the attestation of your original degree certificate and transcript within India. This step ensures their validity is recognized by the UAE . However, the responsible authority and process vary significantly across states and universities.
  • HRD Department: In states like Maharashtra and Kerala, the Human Resource Development (HRD) department handles both degree and transcript authentication.
  • Separate Department/Board: Other states, like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, have dedicated entities for higher education authentication, such as the Department of Collegiate and Technical Education (DCTE) or the Board of University Education (BUE).
  • University-based: A few states, like West Bengal, might delegate this task to the universities themselves, where you graduated.
Step 2- UAE Embassy Attestation
With your state/university attestation in hand, head to the UAE Embassy in India. They meticulously verify your documents and add their official seal, granting them recognition within the UAE context. Prepare the following documents:
  • Attested degree certificate and transcript
  • Original degree certificate and transcript (for verification)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Application form filled with accurate details
  • Payment receipt for the required fees
Step 3-MOFA Attestation
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) validates the UAE Embassy’s stamp and prepares your documents for official UAE recognition. This ensures your academic record is acknowledged in the desert. It will require the following Documents:
  • UAE Embassy-attested degree certificate and transcript
  • Original degree certificate and transcript (for verification)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Application form filled with accurate details
  • Payment receipt for the required fees
Step 4. Secure a GenuinityLetter , Genuinity certificate:
This document, obtained from the embassy, confirms your university’s accreditation. It’s mandatory for degrees from certain countries.
Step 5. UAE ICA/GDRFA Travel Report
How to Obtain an ICA/GDRFA Travel Report:
  • Online: UAE Immigration website > Services > Entry/Exit Report > Pay & Download the report.
  • In person: Service center > Passport & Visa copy > Fill form & Pay the fees.
Step 6 : Online Application via MOE Website
Register on the Ministry of Education website and upload:
  • Attested degree certificate and transcript
  • Original passport copy and proof of residence visa (if applicable)
  • Entry/exit stamps from your study country (if applicable)
  • Copy of your ID card (for non-citizens)
  • Additional documents based on your specific situation (e.g., delegation letter, embassy letter with university reply)
  • Pay the fee.
Equivalency Requirements Different Curriculums:
  • Requirements differ based on your academic background. For instance:
    • UAE high school graduates need minimum SAT, IELTS, or EMSAT scores.
    • British curriculum students require 5 approved O/AS/A Levels.
    • IB diploma students must pass 6 subjects with minimum scores.
  • Check the MOE website for detailed requirements across various curriculums.
Benefits of an Equivalency Certificate:
With your equivalency certificate in hand, you can:
  • Pursue higher education at UAE universities and colleges.
  • Apply for jobs in your field without qualification discrepancies.
  • Register with professional bodies to practice your chosen profession.
  • Streamline visa applications requiring verified qualifications.
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Please note that the above information regarding UAE visa regulations and equivalency processes is to the best of our knowledge which is subject to change without prior notice. We recommend confirming the latest requirements with the relevant government authorities (e.g., Ministry of Education) before applying.

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