Quaraby Verification for Recognition of Foreign University Certificates in the UAE

Quaraby Verification for Recognition of Foreign University Certificates in the UAE

Qudrabay verification services

The UAE’s Ministry of Education requires all university certificates obtained abroad to be verified by the Quality Assurance Agency Qudrabay in order to be recognized and accepted for employment or further studies in the UAE.

What is Qudrabay?

Qudrabay is the Quality Assurance Agency of the UAE Government, responsible for verifying and assessing educational certificates issued by foreign higher education institutions. Qudrabay verification is mandatory for recognition of all bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees obtained outside the UAE.

Qudrabay Verification Process:

  1. Check if your university is already accredited by Qudrabay. You can check their website for the list of accredited universities worldwide. If your university is accredited, you may only need attestation and not full verification.
  2. Visit the Qudrabay office or one of their authorized verification centers with the following documents:
  • Original certificate and transcript
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of UAE residence visa
  • Previous qualification certificates (high school, etc.)
  1. Fill out the Qudrabay application form and pay the required verification fees.
  2. The standard verification process takes approximately 2 weeks. You will be contacted once your verification results are ready.
  3. If your certificate is from an unaccredited university, Qudrabay will conduct a detailed institutional and academic verification which may take several months.
  4. Collect the verified certificates from Qudrabay or the authorized center. The certificates will be stamped and ready for attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. Take the stamped certificates for final attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after which they will be eligible for use in the UAE.

Checking your qualification eligibility beforehand on the Qudrabay website is recommended to avoid potential issues or delays. For the latest procedures and requirements, visit the Qudrabay website at info or contact them directly before applying.

Importance of Qudrabay verification for foreign university certificates in the UAE:

  • Employment – It is mandatory for employers in the UAE to verify qualifications through Qudrabay before hiring candidates. Verification is required even for licenses and permits.
  • Further Education – Verified certificates are required for admission into any graduate programs or further studies within the UAE. Qudrabay verification is mandatory for enrolment.
  • Equivalency – The verification process establishes the equivalency of your foreign qualification compared to UAE qualification standards. This is important for assessing eligibility for jobs.
  • Authentication – Qudrabay verification authenticates the legitimacy of your certificate and ensures it is not fraudulent or fabricated. This certifies its authenticity.
  • Legalization – The Qudrabay stamp and attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs legalizes the certificate for official use in the UAE.
  • Licensing – Doctors, engineers, teachers etc need to verify their certificates through Qudrabay before applying for professional licenses in the UAE.
  • Immigration – Verified certificates may be required for some types of visa processing and immigration purposes within the UAE.
  • Avoiding Penalties – Use of unverified certificates is illegal and can lead to fines, visa cancellation or even deportation in some cases. Proper verification avoids these issues.

In summary, Qudrabay verification is essential to validate foreign qualifications for employment, licensing, immigration and legal use in the United Arab Emirates. The process certifies authenticity and grants equivalency for the certificate.

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