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Things to Consider before Getting the Certificates Attested

Top Benefits of Apostille Services – Why need document authentication?

When traveling to foreign countries, it becomes important to certify the educational & professional documents for verification. The foreign authorities desire to get the certificates attested from the local authorities & thus apostille services came into existence. It is the certificate of documentation issued by registered authorities of the region. The individuals need to reach out to the necessary relevant forum to get the documents attested early for the best assistance.


There is different Apostille for different countries and is considered as the order of legalization, known as Hague Nation Convention. The Apostille services in Chennai are the reliable ones and the Indians can get their documents attested the right way before traveling to a foreign land. It is the kind of authentication that consists of a stamp & signature that can be recognized in a foreign country. The certificate with an Apostille stamp is valid for legal purposes in the countries signed by The Hague Apostille Convention.

Here are the top benefits of Apostille services –


It is crucial to prove the identity of individuals

Are you looking to show the documents in a foreign country? Getting the appropriate apostille certificate is important and the simple production of the documents is not considered for safe travel to different countries.

It helps to eliminate the deceptive legal process

The other significant benefit of the apostille service is helping in the abolishment of different deceptive legal processes. There might be people resorting to shortcuts to get the legalized documents, but thus the deceptive legal procedures come into existence. With the help of deceptive legal processes, it is easy to eliminate the wrong legal procedures.


It assists in economical development

An apostille document is also highly regarded as the best solution to ensure the economic development of a country. It is due to the fact that there wouldn’t be any illegal business in the country. Thus, such kinds of documents ensure that the business people are able to run a safe business in their country,

It is accepted internationally


There are certain kinds of documents that are accepted internationally and it ensures the right type of authentication. Some crucial documents include birth & death certificates, degree papers, adoption papers, others. The documents need to be verified thoroughly by the in-charge person and in case of alternation, one needs to get the hands of apostille certificates.


To avail of all the benefits of the apostille services, it is important to contact the right personnel or service provider who can get the documents attested at the right time. The selection of apostille services in Chennai needs to be based on the experience of professional service. Rest assured of getting the best assistance from the apostille service providers and thus eases the travel concerns of the individuals. Indian can get the documents attested early with the help of service providers and the selection of such services needs to be an informed one.

Guide to Apostille a Document

Apsotille Services in INDIA

Guide to Apostille a Document

An apostille is referred to as the government seal provided to legalize personal documents. Are you seeking an education or employment visa for a foreign country? You need to get the documents attested the right way from the authorized centers to apply for visas or employment in other countries. Are you planning for a business expansion? Make sure that the documents are legalized in a mandatory way and the Apostille services in Chennai are meant to attach the documents from concerned authorities.

Doing business in a foreign country is a real challenge and one needs to be prepared for it! One of the prime concerns of all is to get the relevant business documents attested from the Government agencies. The attested documents work as the verified documents for businesses looking for more opportunities. The official documents often need additional processing of the documents by foreign jurisdictions that have been asked for them. Contacting the right kind of apostille service will ease the tension for businesses to attach the necessary documents.


There are two categories of corporate documents that need to attach as follows

Government Documents Apostille

  • Business authenticity documents
  • Federal-chartered bank documents
  • Merger certificates
  • Assumed name certificates
  • Certified copies of formation documents
  • Patent & trademark documents
  • Necessary tax documents

Non-Government Documents Apsotille

An apostille stamp is obtained from the concerned authorities and it is a system-generated sticker with a unique identification number in it. It helps to maintain the online records and allows the checking of authenticity conveniently. The sticker is applied from the MEA & there is no need for added certification from the embassy. The apostille service is meant to authenticate the documents of individuals so that there is no problem to comply with the rules of the land.

The apostille attestation is the best way to attach the required documents from the concerned authorities so that individuals can be admissible in a foreign land. It is the attestation of the global level that is legally accepted in more than 100 countries. The sticker from the Ministry of External Affairs is stuck on the back of the documents & the stamp is rendered on the sticker in a way that is visible to all. It is more important when there is the need to eradicate the necessity of document legalization when going to a foreign country. Individuals can obtain an employment visa or work visa and apply for temporary residency for the same.

Documentation & apostille attestation is a tough task in India & individuals need to do contact the necessary forum that can get the documents attested from the concerned authorities. The apostille services in Chennai are having the right contacts in the MEA to get the attestation done in a quick time. No need to waste time in getting the attestation & contact the service provider to get the document stamped by experts.

What is Apostille Service and When do you need it?

Apostille service is a type of document
attestation service in which documents are attested and legalized in a
particular format that is acceptable only in the member countries of the Hague
Convention. Public documents of important matters such as birth certificate,
educational certificate, marriage certificate, and others require MEA or
apostille attestation for official or legal use in a foreign country. It is
done in the country where the document was issued for the official stamp and
signature for authentication.

Apostille process requires verification and
attestation of certificates/documents from different authorities to legalize
them. Once apostille is issued by the competent authority in the country of
origin, it needs not to be presented at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the
destination country (a member of the Hague Convention) for legalization.  As of 2020, there are a total of 118 nations
including the USA, UK, France, Japan,  New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong,
Switzerland, India, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy,
Mexico, Norway, and Thailand that are part of the Hague Convention.

do you need Apostille?

Document apostille is required when you are
planning to travel abroad for reasons like education, employment, business,
medical treatment, or to stay with your spouse/family. You will need it while
applying for any class of visa as per your travel needs for temporary or
permanent residency. For example, if you are traveling to any of a country that
is a member of the Hague Convention, you will need apostille when:

  • You are
    migrating to another country
  • You are
    starting a new business or company
  • You are
    looking for an employment opportunity abroad
  • You are
    going abroad for higher studies
  • You are applying
    for a family or residential visa

Depending on the purpose of your stay in a
country, you may require apostille for the following documents:

  • Marriage
  • Birth
  • Divorce
  • Academic
    or Educational Certificates
  • Commercial
    documents & business contracts

When you are looking for document apostille
for any of the above reasons, you should have all the necessary information
related to the attestation process to complete everything appropriately. An
Apostille is simply a special sticker or stamp that is issued by the Ministry
of External Affairs. One should also know the fact that MEA attests original
copies of documents in order to provide an apostille sticker. This sticker is
attached to the back of the original document as a sign of its legitimacy and

Attestation or Apostille Services: What Do I Need For Settling Abroad?

With certain rules and regulations set-up by each country, certificate authentication has become an essential aspect. Today, no country in the entire world allows immigrants without the legalized and authenticated documents. This strict step is taken by the countries to avoid forgery, fraud, identity theft, and misrepresentation of the immigrants on their lands.

The document is legalized in the country you are planning to travel from based on the rules of the country you intend to travel to. And according to the requirements of the intended country, you either have to get your documents attested or apostilled.

At the time of applying for documentation authentication, applicants often get confused between attestation and apostille services. Most of them think that both are the same and the ways to enter into any new country. But, that’s not correct.

In this post, we will explain the difference between the two so that you hire the right service.

Attestation of the documents

It’s a process in which the verifying departments check and verify the original documents and declare them to be authentic by attaching the signature and applying the stamp. Here, you submit the original as well as a copy of the documents to the authorized government employees to verify and give the proof of authentication.

Apostille of the documents

Apostille is a validation certificate that is used in the countries that are a member of the Hague Convention. The aim of the apostille services is the same as that attestation but the process is a bit different. Here, you get a unique identification number that is pasted on the back of your document. All the records are maintained online using the unique identification number and you are allowed to travel to different Hague countries with a single apostille.

The Attestation Process

For attestation, your documents have to undergo different departments. And, the departments are mentioned below:

State Attestation-The attestation process starts from the state where the certificate was issued. Based on the type of documents, they are sent for HRD, Notary, or SDM attestation.

MEA Attestation – After state attestation (initial verification and stamping), the documents are sent for MEA attestation which is done by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Embassy Attestation– Once attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, the documents are moved to the embassy of the country you are planning to immigrate to.

MOFA attestation– The last step in the attestation process is MOFA attestation which is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sometimes, MOFA attestation is not important because it is done once you reach the country you are immigrating to.

The Apostille Process

As compared to the attestation process, the apostille process is simple and takes less time. You do not have to visit different departments for apostille services because everything is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. The sign and stamp received by MEA validate the document even if it is not authenticated by the Embassy of the country.

So, based on your requirements and the country you are planning to travel to, you should select the right option between attestation and apostille services.