Divorce Certificate Attestation Procedure in India

Divorce Certificate Attestation Procedure in India

Marriage and divorce are two quirks of fate in life. They both require to get legally approved by a competent authority. For a divorce, a relevant certificate is issued in the name of the spouse, instructing them for parting.

In today’s world, document attestation plays a significant role. As an Indian, if you are undergoing a divorce proceeding to end your marriage and applying for a visa to a foreign nation, you have to ensure that deed and decree of divorce attained by the authority is attested. You have to verify and authenticate the divorce certificates from the State where the document was issued.

Indian divorce certificate attestation is crucial when you want to travel abroad for a long-term visit purpose. The whole process of attestation of a divorce certificate can be hectic and time-consuming. Thus, you can take the help of a certificate attestation service that provides hassle-free document attestation.

Divorce Certificate Attestation Service:

When looking for an attestation service, consider their performance rate for the divorce attestation and make sure the team can complete the process without delays.

The process of divorce certificate attestation does not require physical presence. Therefore, you can submit in original via courier or registered post. The service providers may also offer MEA and Embassy attestation after divorce certificate attestation.

The attestation on the divorce certificate confirms that the department name, seal, and sign are genuine. It minimizes the chances of faking documents. The document attestation service will provide support, guidance, and assistance in the whole attestation process.

Make sure the attestation service agency updates their services and parameters periodically with the Ministry. In the end, the service provider should thoroughly inform you about the entire process, documents required, processing time, charges of the service.

Process for a Divorce Certificate Attestation:

  1. State Home Department will send divorce certificate to the District of Verification.
  1. After the District of Verification verifies the document, State Home Department attests the original divorce certificate.
  1. Once State Home Department attests the divorce certificate, it is sent to MEA for further attestation/legalization.

Documents Needed for Divorce Certificate Attestation

  • Original divorce certificate
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Authorized letter
  • Visa copy
  • Two passport size photos

Why Do You Need Attestation Service for this Process?

The professional attestation service can handle and have knowledge of the process to execute the attestation procedure. The attestation service provider will be available 24/7 to assist you. If there will be any unexpected delays in the process, the professionals will inform you with reasoning.

The divorce certificate attestation service provider will have practical knowledge of dealing with the official departments. Make sure to choose a reputable service provider who ensures zero delays and no negligence in the process.

To know more about Indian divorce certificate attestation, get in touch with the attestation experts.

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