Get a globally recognized Apostille Birth Certificate.

Get a globally recognized Apostille Birth Certificate.

Get a globally recognized Apostille Birth Certificate.

Getting Apostille Certification is kind of tricky, especially in India, but what if I can tell you the easiest way of getting this highly recognized Certificate.

Will you believe me? 

In this article, I will describe all the steps through which you can get your Apostille Certification.

Let’s now dive into this article to know in detail about this certification and how you can get Apostille Birth Certificate India.

Apostille Certification: –

Apostille Certification is a globally recognized attestation to prove inhabitant authenticity. Every nation’s government accepts this type of attestation.

If you decide to reside somewhere else, you need to update your document by making them Apostille Certified.

Approx. 116 countries accept Apostille Certified documents. Hence, it is kind of essential to have the Apostille stamp on your document.

The Apostille stamp is a square-shaped stamp generated by computers. The Apostille stamp looks very much unique and different.

Documents you can Apostille:-

Other than your Birth Certificate, these are the documents that you can also Apostille in you are moving from India:-

Educational Certificate

● Diploma Certificate

School leaving Certificate 

● SSC Certificate

● Transfer Certificate

● Mark Sheet

● Engineering Certificate

● High School Certificate

● Secondary School Certificate

These were the Academic Certificates one needs to Apostille.

Now, let’s see what personal certificates you can Apostille:-

● Marriage Certificate

● Death Certificate

● Medical Certificate

● Divorce Certificate

● Migration Certificate

● The government authorized other documents

How much time does it take to Apostille Documents?

The whole Apostille process is a bit longer; that’s why in India, it can take up to 2 months to get your document Apostille. However, the minimum time of getting Apostille is around two to three weeks.

In case you need to Apostille your documents within a week or month, then you can hire an established agency for this work. They will do your work in a professional manner and within the time frame.

This is only recommended when you don’t have the time to wait for months to get your documents Apostille Certified.

Apostille Process

The Apostille whole process comprises of the following three steps, which are discussed below: –

  1. Get the Notary from a local lawyer. The document you want to Apostille should be Notarized.
  1. The Document which has to be Apostille should be first verified by SDM Attestation (Sub Divisional Magistrate Attestation).
  1. This is the last step of getting Apostille. Your document needs to get MEA Attestation. This is the authority that will give you the Apostille stamp and make your document ready to be applied in foreign universities.

Final words: –

We hope you get all the information related to Apostille Birth Certification, and now you are ready to get your Birth document Apostille Certified. We have discussed everything related to Apostille and the time and process required to get the Apostille stamp. If you have any doubts, then you can discuss them with us.

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