Attestation Services in the UAE – Fast and Reliable Document Verification

Attestation Services in the UAE – Fast and Reliable Document Verification

Fast and Reliable Document Verification

The UAE has a widespread diplomatic network with over 190 embassies and consulates around the world. These UAE embassies play a crucial role in the document attestation process by verifying and legalizing documents issued in their host countries.

Some of the major countries where UAE embassies are located include:

Country City
United StatesWashington D.C
United KingdomLondon
IndiaNew Delhi
Sri LankaColombo

Attesting Educational Documents

For attesting educational documents like degrees, diplomas, and marksheets, the process will involve:

  • University Verification – The university that issued the document must first verify its authenticity.
  • Human Resource Department – HR department of the university will further attest the document.
  • Higher Education Department – The state’s higher education department will validate the university’s credibility.
  • Ministry of External Affairs – MEA will finally attest the document after the above steps.

Attesting Non-Educational Documents

For non-educational documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. the process involves:

  • Issuing Authority – The municipal body or department that issued the document will first verify it.
  • State Home Department – The state government’s home department will validate the issuing authority.
  • Ministry of External Affairs – MEA will do the final attestation after the state verification.

Time Required

The total time required for attestation can range from:

  • 7 to 15 days for educational documents
  • 10 to 20 days for non-educational documents

This includes the time taken for embassy attestation and apostille if required. Proper planning is needed to account for the attestation time.

Cost of Attestation

The total cost for document attestation can vary from:

  • $150 to $250 USD for educational certificates
  • $100 to $200 USD for non-educational certificates

Extra charges may apply for urgent attestation requests. The costs depend on the type of document, issuing country, embassy charges, etc.

Attesting Documents from Specific Countries

  • India: After state-level attestation, the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi must perform attestation for Indian documents.
  • Pakistan: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad does attestation for Pakistani documents after provincial attestation.
  • Philippines: The Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila handles attestation for Philippine documents.
  • Bangladesh: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dhaka attests Bangladeshi documents.
  • Egypt: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cairo does attestation for Egyptian documents.

Arabic Translation

Attested documents in languages other than Arabic may require a certified Arabic translation in the UAE. This can be done by approved translators in the UAE or from the originating country.

Federal Attestation

For certain types of documents, an additional attestation from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Justice may be needed after embassy attestation.

Chamber of Commerce Attestation

Commercial documents like certificates of incorporation require attestation from the local chamber of commerce before embassy attestation.

Visa Application

Attested documents are typically required when applying for employment, family, or student visas for the UAE. The UAE immigration authorities will verify the attestations.

Tracking Attestation Status

  • Most attestation authorities provide tracking systems to check application status online.
  • Tracking IDs are provided to follow progress through each stage of attestation.
  • Any delays can be identified by tracking and appropriate measures can be taken.

Couriering Attested Documents

  • Many couriering options are available to send attested documents safely to the UAE.
  • Recommended couriers include DHL, FedEx, UPS, Aramex, etc.

Courier services provide tracking options and insurance to cover any document loss or damage.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Use the correct embassy attestation process for your document’s country of origin.
  • Check the requirements for apostille, if applicable.
  • Ensure names are spelt correctly in documents.
  • Opt for urgent services if needed by paying express fees.


  • Don’t try shortcutting steps in the attestation process.
  • Don’t use fake stamps or unauthorized agents.
  • Don’t make any changes to the documents after attestation.
  • Don’t courier attested documents without tracking options.

Globoprime for Streamlined Attestation

Navigating document attestation for the UAE can be complex, with so many steps involved. This is where services like Globoprime come in.

Globoprime offers a streamlined, end-to-end attestation solution, making the process much simpler for those relocating to the UAE.

Some key benefits of using Globoprime include:

  • Online application for over 200 document types
  • Facility to track application status in real-time
  • Service across major issuing countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines etc.
  • Expert assistance for embassy legalization and apostille

-Courier delivery of attested documents to the UAE

With its experience processing over 500,000 applications, Globoprime ensures a fast, reliable, and cost-effective attestation service. I recommend considering Globoprime to simplify and expedite attestation for the UAE. Their expertise can save you time and make the transition smoother.

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