Why do you Need HRD Attestation Services? HRD or Human Resource Development department is controlled by the central government and manages the issues related to certifications or degrees. These are state-level procedures that can be authorized only by the top-ranking professionals of the department. If you’re planning to move to a foreign country for a […]

The Apostille Attestation Country List, below shows the countries that are part of : The Apostille Convention is an international treaty that allows for the recognition of certificates for signatures. Countries that are participants in the Apostille Convention are designated by a green checkmark. Below is a list of the countries that are participants in […]

What is a marriage certificate? Why is marriage attestation important? A marriage certificate is an official document issued by the government after a couple gets married. You will need this document to re-name yourself, change your passport details or apply for a visa abroad. It is also useful if you need to prove your relationship […]

      Applying for UAE Employment Visa? Get Your Certificates Attested If you have received a job offer in the UAE and are applying for the UAE employment visa, there is one step that you must complete: Certificate attestation. The Government of the UAE requires Indian candidates to get all of their personal, educational, […]

Get a globally recognized Apostille Birth Certificate. Getting Apostille Certification is kind of tricky, especially in India, but what if I can tell you the easiest way of getting this highly recognized Certificate. Will you believe me?  In this article, I will describe all the steps through which you can get your Apostille Certification. Let’s […]

Why do you need to attest to the degree certificates from the HRD ministry? Human Resource Development (HRD) is a government department dealing with the workforce of a country. The HRD attestation is vital to get jobs in foreign countries or apply for higher education in a foreign university. It is handled by the central […]

A helpful guide on Embassy attestation Obtaining international enrolment to further one’s education, finding employment, or expanding one’s company are frequent reasons individuals want to go overseas. It indicates that you must get your papers attested by an Apostille. What is the purpose of attestation? Attestation of papers or certificates is needed for various reasons, […]

Top Benefits of Apostille Services – Why need document authentication? When traveling to foreign countries, it becomes important to certify the educational & professional documents for verification. The foreign authorities desire to get the certificates attested from the local authorities & thus apostille services came into existence. It is the certificate of documentation issued by […]

How to select an apt MEA certificate attestation services? The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) certificate attestation is meant for use in foreign countries. There are mainly two kinds of MEA attestation – normal attestation & Apostille attestation. The normal attestation is meant for verification of documents & getting them signed from the concerned departments. […]