Going to the UAE for Education or Job Opportunity? Here Is What You Need the Most

Going to the UAE for Education or Job Opportunity? Here Is What You Need the Most

Going to the UAE for Education or Job Opportunity? Here Is What You Need the Most

For Indians, the UAE is considered as one of the most promising countries when it comes to setting up a business, finding a high-paying job, buying a luxury home, or enjoying vacations. Every year, millions of people flock to the UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi in search for a job, higher studies, and better business locations. However, going abroad for any of these purposes is not so simple. You cannot simply book a ticket and fly to the UAE.

There are many procedures you will need to follow to ensure that you don’t face any issues when it comes to entering this beautiful Arabian country. Among all the procedures, the most important one is completing attestation for the UAE.

Why do I need a certificate attestation for the UAE?

The process of attestation involves the authentication of your documents with an official stamp and the signature of an authorized authority or notary. This procedure makes your documents (issued in your home country) legal and valid for use in the UAE. Without attestation, your documents won’t be accepted which can prevent you from joining any job, setting up any business, or doing any other work that requires issuing documentation.

The Process of Attestation

When going to the UAE for higher studies, a job, or business setup, it is mandatory for you to attest your educational, personal, and commercial documents via relevant authorities. You will essentially need services of certificate attestation for the UAE to obtain a work visa, residential visa, spouse visa, admission in schools and universities, and fulfill other legal formalities in the UAE.

The procedure of certificate attestation for the UAE varies depending on what type of document you need to get attested. In India, you will need the following type of attestation:

HRD Attestation:

It is necessary to attest the government-recognized educational documents from the Human Resource Department of the respective state. For instance, if you are from Chennai, you will need to get your educational documents attested from the Human Resource Department of Tamil Nadu.

Notary/Home Department/GAD Attestation:

Notary attestation, Home department attestation, or General Administration Department (GAD) attestation is required for legalizing personal documents. Some of the examples are birth certificates and marriage certificates.

Chamber of Commerce Attestation:

This type of attestation is exclusively required for those people who are planning to set up business in the UAE. Thus, you will need to submit your documents to the Chamber of Commerce for attestation.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation:

This type of attestation first requires you to complete the state attestation process. Once your documents have gone through state attestation, they will need to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Embassy Attestation:

After MEA attestation, you need to get your documents attested from the UAE embassy in India. With this, the procedure of certificate attestation ends and means that the certificates are validated from the concerned embassy for further use.

Thus, if you haven’t completed the procedure of certificate and document attestation for the UAE, hire attestation services from a reputable and trusted agency. It will make all the attestation procedures hassle-free, smooth, and easy.

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