Critical Things You Must Know About Certificate Attestation in India

Critical Things You Must Know About Certificate Attestation in India

Critical Things You Must Know About Certificate Attestation in India

When you are applying for a higher study abroad or you are offered a job in a foreign country, such as the UAE, then that country might require you to provide only attested certificates and documents. Apart from this, you might be asked to present attested certificates when you are:

  • Taking your family abroad
  • Applying for a resident visa
  • Migrating to another country
  • Starting a business on a foreign land

If you fail to get your certificates and other necessary documents on time, there is a big chance that you might lose your job offer or your chance to move to a foreign country quickly. Most employers are always in hurry in filling up vacancies. So, if you don’t show up on time with attested certificates and documents, they might appoint other candidates who have already completed the attestation process.

What Should I Know Before Going for Certificate Attestation in India?

The certificate attestation in India starts from the point where those certificates have been issued i.e. University or the HRD/Home Department. The attestation done by the Human Resource Development Department is called HRD attestation. The Ministry of External Affairs in India has provided approval to the State Home Ministry for completing HRD attestation.

The procedure for HRD attestation is almost the same throughout the country; however, the attestation is known by different names. For instance:

  • In Kerala, NORKA attestation is meant for attesting educational documents.
  • In Hyderabad and Telangana, GAD attestation is used for attesting educational certificates. Besides, the General Administration Department (GAD) is also responsible for attesting personal documents.
  • In Tamil Nadu, Secretariat Attestation is used for the attestation of educational documents and certificates.

Hence, you can consider NORKA attestation, GAD attestation, and Secretariat Attestation as HRD attestation in all these states.

The next thing you must know is that MEA attestation can be done through authorized agencies only and from a few states in India.

The certificate authentication process completes when certification attestation is done from the respective embassy of the nation where you want to go to.

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed by the process of certificate attestation in India, don’t hesitate to get help from professionals.

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