Process of Birth Certificate Attestation in India

Process of Birth Certificate Attestation in India

The Process of Birth Certificate Attestation in India

A birth certificate is an important personal document that is needed for many legal and official purposes. It is a mandatory document when a person is considering moving or studying abroad. It is required during the visa application process or for some other official purposes by designated authorities. At the same time, the authentication of the birth certificate is also necessary to get approval and permission to enter the foreign nation.

Birth certificate attestation is the process of acquiring an attestation stamp from the designated officials. It is done in the country where it was issued in the first place. The process of birth certificate attestation in Bangalore is a time-taking process and requires multiple attestations and stamps at different levels from different authorities. A government authorized agency helps individuals get their personal documents attested quickly and easily through a hassle-free process.

When you look to get your birth certificates attested, it is not a direct process. There are several steps to go through to get the official seal and signature from many authorities. Here’s the detailed procedure of birth certificate attestation that stared with notary attestation and ends at Embassy attestation.

Notary Attestation

It is the first step where you are required to get certification by a local notary in the form of a stamp and/or signature. It is the fundamental necessity for birth certificate legalization and other personal and educational documents.

Home Department Attestation

Personal documents including birth certificate, marriage certificate, and death certificate are required to get reviewed and verified by the state home department where it was issued. Authorities at the home department attest personal documents after the verification process

SDM Attestation

SDM attestation is performed individually to attest birth certificates as an alternative to home department attestation in many states. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate is an autonomous authority in the state government and issues an official seal and signature to attest personal documents.

MEA attestation

The document attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs is the last level of document legalization from the respective home government. MEA stamp is acquired on the birth certificates and other personal documents before sending them for the embassy attestation.

Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is acquired from the embassy of the respective country the birth certificates are being attested for. It is the final stage of the birth certificate attestation process after getting the MEA stamp.

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