How to Ensure the Safety of Your Documents and Certificates during Embassy Attestation

How to Ensure the Safety of Your Documents and Certificates during Embassy Attestation

When you apply for higher studies, employment, or plan to set up a business in a foreign country, your documents require embassy attestation – which is a lengthy process and requires attestation at several other levels below it. This is why most people prefer to work with an attestation agency to complete the attestation process in a limited time. This also seems a practical idea as you are relieved from the stress that arises from the continuous trips to government offices to get the work done.

However, providing your documents for embassy attestation also raises concerns regarding the safety of your original documents. And the concerns are legible because original documents are extremely important and you should keep them protected by every means. To help you ensure that your documents and certificates are completely secure, we are providing a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Choose a Credible Attestation Agency

Though this might seem a no-brainer, most people don’t research before hiring an attestation service provider. It is extremely important that you check reviews and the market reputation of an agency before hiring. Handing over your documents into a stranger’s hand can be a costly mistake for you. Hire an attestation agency in India who is a trusted partner to the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi – a chief center where all the administrative work related to the attestation is completed.

Choose a Trusted Courier Service

Since more than one governmental authority is involved in the attestation procedure, your documents will move from one authority to another. Thus, you should look for an attestation agent who has tie-ups with a trustworthy courier company. Good courier service also translates to timely and secure services. Not only will this step ensure that your certificates and documents are packed and handled carefully but also ensure that these documents will reach your doorstep safely without any damage or harm.

Maintain a Regular Follow Up

Being an aware and conscious customer, your work is not limited to hiring an agency and paying them for their service. You should also ask them to keep you updated on every step so that you have information on the whereabouts of your documents. While reputable embassy attestation agencies keep their customers updated or share the tracking process regarding the status of the documents, you should still be in their touch and communicate with your agent until the attestation process is completed and you get all your documents and certificates you have given to them safely.

Finding an attestation agency in India is not a complicated task, but finding a trusted attestation agency for embassy attestation in India can be. So, never hire one without doing proper research and checking if they have any complaints against them.

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