What is a Provisional Certificate? What Should You Know About Provisional Certificate Attestation?

What is a Provisional Certificate? What Should You Know About Provisional Certificate Attestation?

Travelling and settling abroad is a dream of many Indians. It’s not because they do not love their country; it’s just that foreign countries are open with lots of opportunities that help people in transforming their career graph. Every year there are millions of people from India traveling abroad with big dreams and hope to do something different and settle their life. And the numbers are increasing with the passing years. 

Other than job opportunities, people usually move abroad for higher studies. They start making their way to a foreign land after completing graduation in India. And it’s a great idea because students get to know more about the job opportunities and they prepare themselves accordingly. 

If you are planning to move abroad for higher studies, you are on the right track. But, don’t just be happy with the thought that you have got admission to a foreign university; you have to a lot of things before travelling. And one amongst them is certificate attestation. 

Based on the list shared by the university, you have to arrange all the documents and get it attested for legalization. The documents and certificates are almost the same for all countries. But if you are traveling to the UAE, Oman, and Qatar, they would demand an attested provisional certificate of which many are not aware of. 

Provisional Certificate:

It’s an educational document usually initiated by a college or university to prove that you have successfully completed graduation. It’s just a way to inform the university you are taking admission in and not the original degree certificate. The university might ask for the degree certificate after a month or two for final confirmation. It’s immediately issued after the results are declared and students do not have to wait for the original degree certificate for admission. The provisional certificate speeds up the process and allows the students to start the classes on time. 

Attestation of Provisional Certificate 

The countries demand an attested copy of the provisional certificate to ensure that the document is authentic. Attestation is a kind of insurance of documents by government officials that states a copy of an original provisional certificate is a true copy. The government officials check the records and stamp and sign to affirm that the document is genuine. 

For the attestation process, the provisional certificate has to go through different departments and government authorities. If the process is not duly, the attestation will not be valid. The different steps of provisional certificate attestation are:

 HRD Attestation

 It’s a pre-authentication step processed at the human resource department of state government or regional attestation centre. It’s an initial step performed by the respective state itself. The officials execute the process from the core and give the authentication for the next attestation.

MEA Attestation

Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the next destination for the provisional certificate attestation. MEA Attestation is a central level attestation and an indirect procedure for the assurance of documents. 

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