Process of Divorce Certification Attestation in India

Process of Divorce Certification Attestation in India

Process of Divorce Certification Attestation in India

The divorce certificate is a document that asserts that two people, who were married officially, are separated legally. The certificate contains the details of the individuals, the terms of separation, the alimony granted by the court, the date with effect from they will be separated.

The attestation of the divorce certificate is required when a person, undergoing a divorce proceeding to end their divorce, applies for a visa to a foreign country. The divorce certificate attestation is essential because the status as married or divorce will not be finalized until the attestation is done.

The attestation of a divorce certificate is a time-consuming and hectic process; thus, you can take the assistance of divorce certificate attestation services. Let’s take a look at the detailed process, time requirement, and charges of divorce certificate attestation in India.

Process of Divorce Certificate Attestation

  1. Attestation from The Notary

Notary attestation is necessary to prove the genuineness of the document. Generally, the copies of original certificates are verified, and the photocopies, attested by the notary public, are accepted as true copies. The attestation from Notary on the divorce decree certificate is done on the backside of the original document.

  1. Attestation from Home Department

Home Department validates the divorce certificate after authenticating the content on the document. The attestation from the state level is optional and not compulsion.

  1. Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

The attestation from the MEA is the final certification from the issuing country. Ministry of External Affairs attests to all the documents issued by any Indian state before submitting them to any Embassy or Consulate.

Time Take for Divorce Certificate Attestation ?

The whole process of divorce certificate attestation in India takes about a week or two. Once the divorce documents are attested from designated departments, Government of India, then the Embassy will take around 4-6 working days to complete the attestation. However, the time duration for attestation may vary from Embassy to Embassy.

Charges for Divorce Certificate Attestation ?

The fee for divorce certificate attestation is different for each country and state. The reasons for a change in costs are due to several factors, such as the place of issue of the certificate and whether you’re looking for an end-to-end solution or standalone service

Document Needed for Divorce Certificate Attestation includes:

  • Original divorce certificate
  • Copy of passport of the certificate holder
  • Two passport size photos

Keep in mind the attestation process can be stressful and time-consuming.Divorce certificate attestation service can offer expert handing of the attestation process to the legalization process. They have a trained and experienced staff to handle cases, and they know how to deal with the official departments.

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