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Why Contact Police Clearance Certificate Provider?

Police Clearance Certificate or PCC is one of the vital official documents issues by authorized Government officials for foreign travel. It is the certificate indicating that the individual is not having any criminal record against his/her name. The clearance certificate provided by the authorities needs to be are validated by the authorities after background verification of the person. Reach out to the expert company or service provider that can help you with validation of the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

Criminal records need to be verified before applying for Residency Visa or Student Visa for Immigration. For Indian citizens, it is a must to do activity for getting the visa issues in the right manner! The individual needs to undergo a criminal record for a variety of reasons like employment screening, visa applications, volunteering, court appearance, and more. The PCC is the recognized certificate supplied to a citizen if it detects any criminal records.

The PCC is needed for Indian or foreign nationals presently residing or have resided in Indian for the following reasons –

  • The applying for employment abroad will need a criminal clearance certificate
  • To get immigration from other countries, or obtain visas you need to provide the document.
  • To satisfy the request of organizations or enterprises.

The PCC is not validating or endorsing the certificate! It is valid for six months and differs significantly on the entity to which PCC is getting submitted. The point to note is that a PCC is issued to individuals who are above the age of 18. Every country has its norms in place for foreign visitors & it needs to be followed for all the right reason. Police verification is the best way to know that the concerned person is not involved in any other activity.


PCC is the kind of document issued to Indian passport holders in case of an application for Residential status. It is the type of documents in use for preventing any kind of criminal activity within the countries. It safeguards the interests of Indian employees traveling abroad for their jobs, or individuals who have applied for residency permits abroad. There is no requirement for tourists to get the PCC document. Contact the service provider or professional who can help you get the certificate in a quick time.


The Indian government has changed the PCC application process for Indians & individuals looking to immigrate need to get the documents done early for visa application. There are different kinds of things to care for the right way for getting the documents early in the right manner. There are service providers having links in the government authorities who are validating the criminal records. Reach out to the Police Clearance Certificate provider that can help you to get the certificate issued without a hassle. Contact the professionals any time over the helpline number and get the government document issues in quick time for immigration to a foreign nation or state.

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