Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions about HRD attestation of Education Documents

Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions about HRD attestation of Education Documents

Attestation has always been an essential aspect of validating the authenticity of various certificates and documents. If you have a plan to go abroad for education, employment or permanent residence, there are several formalities that you require to carry out before you move to the new country. Among all, one such vital formality is HRD attestation of educational documents.

The procedure of HRD attestation needs official documents. For higher studies and requests for employment in a foreign country, HRD approval is an absolute necessity.

People often have several questions about the attestation procedure. So, here we will try to provide answers to all those vital questions about HRD attestation of an education document. 

What is HRD Attestation?

The authentication of your documents done at the state level by the Human Resource Department ministry is called HRD attestation. It is a procedure of validation of the educational documents when travelling abroad for educational purpose. After the HRD attestation is fulfilled, you can carry out further attestation procedures.

You should know that the requirement for the HRD attestation depends on the needs of the country you intend to travel.

Why and When HRD Attestation is Needed?

Like mentioned above, if you are planning to go abroad for higher education or employment, verification of educational documents is a must. As soon as you get the confirmation that your documents are genuine, you can begin your attestation process.

Quite often, applicants find attestation procedure a lengthy process. That is because various government bodies such as Notary, Sub-division Magistrate, State Home Ministry, and Ministry of External Affairs come in the role. Nowadays, many applicants are seeking professional attestation consultant for assistance.

HRD attestation is generally for educational certificates, as when you apply for admission to the college or job in a company of the country you want to go.

Can an applicant attest documents from any HRD department?

No, the HRD attestation has to be done by the respective State HRD department to which the applicant belongs to. After the HRD attestation in Chennai, documents and certificates are processed for verification to the Ministry of External Affairs.

Is HRD Attestation Mandatory?

HRD attestation for the educational document is compulsory in some particular cases. For instance, the educational documents must have a stamp only from HRD as state-level authentication when it concerns Gulf countries. In the case of other countries, attestation from the Home Department or the SDM is also accepted.

Is it possible to take help of professional agencies in the attestation process?

Absolutely, there are many professional agencies that can help you to accomplish the attestation process; making it simpler, easier and hassle-free. However, be cautious when selecting an agency, as the requirement of expertise and experience in the attestation process is crucial. Remember, choosing a trustworthy and well-known attestation agency can be quite complicated at times.


When looking for a professional attestation service provider, make sure they offer all kind of attestation service and for the country that you intend to travel.

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