The 5 Tips Select a Suitable Certificate Attestation Service Provider

The 5 Tips Select a Suitable Certificate Attestation Service Provider

Whether you are traveling abroad for job opportunities or higher studies, the one important thing that you cannot miss out in your planning is certificate attestation. For most countries, your visa is accepted and entry is granted only if all the documents are attested. Attestation proves that your documents are genuine and different authorities have approved them. Not just for visa processing, an attested document helps you even after landing on the foreign land.

The attestation procedure has a defined model, but sometimes it changes based on the country you are travelling. Most countries have their requirements that are very important for you to fulfil. A few legal authorities through which documents undergo are State Government, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), HRD, and Embassy of the respective country, and so on.  

The entire process of certificate attestation is very tough because you will need a lot of physical effort to run around the Government Authorities. And if you commit a mistake, everything will spoil in a minute. So, to ensure everything goes perfect, you should hire an expert providing quality certificate attestation services.

But, how will you do it?

To ease the selection of a certificate attestation service provider, we have mentioned the 5 tips for you:

Research on service rates

It’s not a brainer to spend your hard-earned money without doing any research. You should check online and find out the prices of the services offered by different companies. The right way to analyse the rates is by asking for the price quote from the shortlisted companies. You should compare the services and prices charged for the same. But, don’t fall for the cheap-priced service certificate attestation services.

Real-time Checking facilities

We already mentioned in the beginning that documents go through different government authorities to complete the attestation process. So the company should have real-time checking facilities. With the help of this, you will stay updated with the position of your papers and the progress of the attestation. If the facility is not available, you will know nothing about your documents until the process is complete. Lack of the facility can even delay the process.

Knowledgeable customer care support

Along with the professional experts, the company should also have a dedicated and knowledgeable customer care support department. The customer support staff should be available 24/7 to attend and clear all your doubts. It’s because questions and queries can come any time and you would look out for immediate solutions.

Data Confidentiality and security

At the time of certificate attestation, you will have to submit all your confidential and original documents to the service providers. It’s because the government authorities verify the details from the original certificate before they sign and stamp. So, you should inquire about how the documents are handled in the company. You should know the safety protocols followed in the company before hiring the service.

Taking these tips into consideration, we are sure you will select the suitable certificate attestation service provider. Just remember, if certificate attestation is done right, nothing will go wrong before or during your journey.

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