What is Embassy Attestation and Why is it Required?

What is Embassy Attestation and Why is it Required?

Embassy attestation is the final process of document attestation which is required to legalize your documents before producing in other countries when you travel abroad for different purposes. It is done by the respective embassy /consulates in your country and is followed after the state attestation and MEA attestation. That means during the document attestation process, your document should be first attested from the respective sate Home department of the issuing state and then followed by MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation before it can be attested by the embassy.

Document attestation is an essential process for scrutinizing the authenticity of a document to prove your document’s legitimacy in a foreign country. Depending on your purpose of visit, you need embassy attestation services for your essential documents such as birth certificate, education certificate, marriage certificate, professional documents, or any other for legal and official purposes. It depends on the type of visa you are applying for.

Why is it required?

Authentication of the legality of your document is required so that it could be accepted in a foreign country when you are applying for a visa. Your visa will be issued only when your documents have been verified by the respective officials. After the embassy attestation process, your documents will be attached with the sign and stamps to authenticate the credibility and validity of the documents.

Embassy attestation of respective documents is required when you are moving or migrating to another country for different reasons. This is a part of your visa application where you need to submit some mandatory documents depending on your visa type and purpose of visit. It legalizes your documents for the stay in a foreign country. Here’re some of the most common documents that you need to get attested from the respective embassy for your visa application:

  • You need to produce your birth/marriage certificate when moving to a foreign country to live with your family/spouse on a family/resident visa.
  • You need embassy attestation for your educational certificates if moving to a foreign country for higher education on a student visa.
  • You need to get your commercial/business/experience documents or certificates if you are applying for a work or business visa.
  • You will also need embassy attestation for certain medical documents if visiting a foreign country for some medical emergency.

Embassy attestation is processed by the government-approved attestation services that have expertise in doing this job. You need to find the right attestation service provider that understands rules &regulations, processing times, and alteration visa fees for different visa types in different countries. Each country has its own immigration laws and you need to follow all the visa information and processes accordingly. Any professional embassy attestation service provider can help you in providing certification of your original document that you will need at the time visa application and to live in a foreign country legally.

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