Whether you are traveling abroad for job opportunities or higher studies, the one important thing that you cannot miss out in your planning is certificate attestation. For most countries, your visa is accepted and entry is granted only if all the documents are attested. Attestation proves that your documents are genuine and different authorities have […]

Attestation has always been an essential aspect of validating the authenticity of various certificates and documents. If you have a plan to go abroad for education, employment or permanent residence, there are several formalities that you require to carry out before you move to the new country. Among all, one such vital formality is HRD […]

Equivalency certificate or Equalization of studies from a country other than the UAE is the process by which Ministry of Education in UAE officially validate a degree and acknowledge the studies to be equal to UAE standard. It typically involves attestations in the home country of the certificate and the destination country (in our case […]

Ministry of External Affairs is a government commission responsible for India’s foreign relations. It is the third step for Certificate MEA Attestation. The MEA attestation of personal documents is performed after verification from the state home department. The Certificate is further submitted to MEA to verify the Certificate MEA Attestation issued from any state in India […]

HRD Attestation is the process of verifying educational documents The home department  office is headed by a principal secretary It is an inside service primarily liable for the support of inner security and local arrangement. For reasons for verification of records, the HRD service designated the obligation to the particular Home Departments of each state […]

Embassy attestation is the final process of document attestation which is required to legalize your documents before producing in other countries when you travel abroad for different purposes. It is done by the respective embassy /consulates in your country and is followed after the state attestation and MEA attestation. That means during the document attestation […]

With increasing transnational marriages these days, a single certificate has become an important document for the people traveling abroad. For India, the number is a bit high because over 15 million Indians are settled abroad who might end up marrying in or from other countries. A single certificate specifies one’s marital status as per the […]