Document Attestation Services – All to know about it!

Document Attestation Services – All to know about it!

Document Attestation Services – All to know about it!

If you’re traveling abroad in the coming times then it is important to have all the mandatory documents ready in the right way. The document attestation service is one of the preferred ways to verify the origin of documents & the value of content. These documents are also required while applying for a course abroad or applying for a foreign country job. The document attestation services will be verified & notified by the concerned department within the correct time. Look for document attestation services meant for verifying the documents in a clear way.

If you’re already in a foreign country and need the document on an urgent basis, then the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) comes to the rescue with quick attestation services. It is also the proven process of authenticating the genuineness of the documents, from the government officials. Reach out to a professional document attestation service for getting the papers attested at the correct time and use them for relevant purposes.

In simple terms, attestation is referred to the process of document verification with help of concerned departments. The procedure is dependent on the type of legal documents the person is looking to acquire. The attestation can be classified into three categories as – Educational, Commercial & Personal Attestation. Take the help of professionals having the right contacts in the concerned departments to get the documents attested in quick time.

The procedures for documents attestation include –

Notary Attestation

It is the process of document attestation performed before the further attesting and is referred to as the document carrying a Notary Stamp of a Lawyer. The notarization process is legitimizing the use of documents for further use.

HRD Attestation

Once the notary attestation is done, the documents get categorized as per the need, and further sent to certain kinds of departments. The certificates are getting preceded by embassy attestation or the external affairs department.

MEA Attestation

The kind of attestation is issued by the department of MEA before submitting the documents to a specific embassy. All the required documents are submitted to the MEA for final verification of the content of the certificates.


Embassy Attestation

After the verification of certificates is done by the MEA of the country, then you need to submit all the mandatory documents like educational, personal, & commercial to the embassy. They attest all the documents or certificated before granting the Visa.

There are multiple procedures to be followed by the attestation agency and multiple ministries are associated with the procedure. Depending upon the category of the document, it gets forwarded to the home department. Once it is verified by the home or HRD, it is then further sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for verification.

The document attestation services need to be selected based on the reputation of the organization & the past success. Get the documents verified at the right time by taking help from professional attestation providers. Rest assured of getting all the assistance from professionals with help of correct document attestation.

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