Guide on Attestation Certificate

Guide on Attestation Certificate

Guide on Attestation Certificate

Obtaining an Attestation for your documents, whether you are an individual or a legal entity, is important, and especially if you are working in UAE. In this blog, we have discussed the different types of Attestation Q & A, so that if you are working in UAE, you can understand the importance of getting your documents attested.

What is the definition of attestation?

The meaning of attestation may be understood as a presentation of evidence in support of something. Rather, it is a legal word that refers to the legality of evidence, a declaration, a document, or an official certificate.

What is the meaning of certificate attestation?

Certificate Attestation Services is the process of verifying the authenticity of certifications issued by authorities. To certify the authenticity of your certificate, it is essential to acquire the appropriate seal or signature from the relevant authorities.

Attestation of papers refers to the process of legalizing important documents to make them acceptable to the authority that has requested them. Personal, educational, and business papers are all eligible for document attestation.

What is the purpose of attestation?

A certificate or document requiring attestation is needed for several reasons, some of which are inherent to the country and others external. It may be needed for court purposes, such as the submission of significant evidence, or non-judicial purposes, such as opening a bank account, getting a visa, or doing business in a foreign country.

What is the purpose of attestation?

If you want to go outside of the country for any reason, it may be an educational or visiting purpose; you will always need Visa. But having a visa is not the main thing; you must attest it by the visiting countries embassy in your Nation. Without this, your Visa will not be approved, and you will not be able to go outside India legally. That’s the importance of an attestation certificate.

Types of Attestation

  • Attestation by a Notary Public:

A notary public must attest documents before being subjected to any of the other procedures involved in document authentication. It is acquired by the local notary public and is usually in the form of a signed document. It is the most fundamental need of any legalization procedure that is linked to the law.

  • Attestation from the Home Department:

Home Department is solely responsible for attesting personal papers, and its employees are the only ones authorized to do so. This includes marriage certificates and death certificates, among other things.

  • Attestation from the Human Resources Department:

The Human Resource Department, often known as the HRD, is the governmental agency exclusively responsible for attesting educational papers and certifications. It is another essential step to follow to show the legitimacy of your academic background to your employer or the institution to which you are applying for admission.

  • Attestation from the SDM

It is an alternative to the Home Department. HRD authentication for educational papers, on the other hand, is required by certain authorities.

  • Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce:

First, one goes via the Chamber of Commerce, which is a collection of local businesspeople. After this, certificate attestation services include getting verification from the Chamber of Commerce.


In this content, we just discussed what an Attestation certificate is? How much important it is and the varieties of attestation certificates. So, if you need this attestation certificate, do follow the process and get it.

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