Check UAE Visit Visa Status Online & Offline

Check UAE Visit Visa Status Online & Offline

How to Check Your UAE Visit Visa's Last Date and Status

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If you are visiting the UAE on a visit visa, it is important to keep track of the visa’s validity period and status. Here are a few easy ways to check your UAE visit visa’s last date and status:

Check Online

  1. Visit the ICP Smart Services website.
  2. Select your language and click on ‘Visit Visa’.
  3. Enter your passport number, passport expiry date, nationality, and captcha code.
  4. Click search. Your visa details, including the last date, will be displayed.

Check via Dubai GDRFA

  1. Go to the GDRFA Dubai website.
  2. Select ‘Visit’ under service type.
  3. Enter your passport number and captcha code.
  4. Click search. Your visa details will be displayed.
  5. You can also use the GDRFA Dubai app to check your visa status easily.

Check by Calling Helplines

  • For UAE visa status, call 600-522-222
  • For Dubai visa status, call 800-5111 or +971-4-313-9999 (if outside UAE)

Provide your passport details to the agent to get your visa status.

Check your visa validity before traveling.

  • Always check your visa status before booking tickets for the UAE.
  • Make sure your visa is valid for the entire duration of your stay.
  • Overstaying your visa in UAE can lead to fines and penalties.

Here are some additional tips for checking your UAE visit visa status:

  • Save a copy of your visa or scan the visa page of your passport. This makes it easy to reference the visa details, like the last date, visa number, etc. when needed.
  • Check the entry stamp on your passport, which shows the date you entered the UAE. Add the visa validity days to it to calculate when it will expire.
  • Before exiting the UAE, get your visa stamped again to officially cancel your visa. This avoids any complications or fines.
  • Check for a valid visa every time you re-enter the UAE, even if you are returning from a short trip. Immigration can deny entry if the visa has expired.
  • Be aware of any restrictions on your visa, like whether it allows multiple entries or is only for single entries.
  • Women sponsored by their husband or father should check their visa dependency status online or at Amer centers.
  • If you have lost your passport containing the visa, report it immediately and follow procedures to obtain an outpass to leave.
  • Those on parent/relative’s sponsorship must ensure sponsor accompanies when exiting the UAE to avoid immigration issues.
  • Overstay fines are calculated from the day after visa expiry, so check status in advance to renew your visa if needed.
  • Visit the Amer website or centres for visa-related services like status check, renewals, transit visa, depositing passports, etc.
We are able to assist with visa extensions or renewals.
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