Guide to Apostille a Document

Guide to Apostille a Document

Guide to Apostille a Document

An apostille is referred to as the government seal provided to legalize personal documents. Are you seeking an education or employment visa for a foreign country? You need to get the documents attested the right way from the authorized centers to apply for visas or employment in other countries. Are you planning for a business expansion? Make sure that the documents are legalized in a mandatory way and the Apostille services in Chennai are meant to attach the documents from concerned authorities.

Doing business in a foreign country is a real challenge and one needs to be prepared for it! One of the prime concerns of all is to get the relevant business documents attested from the Government agencies. The attested documents work as the verified documents for businesses looking for more opportunities. The official documents often need additional processing of the documents by foreign jurisdictions that have been asked for them. Contacting the right kind of apostille service will ease the tension for businesses to attach the necessary documents.

There are two categories of corporate documents that need to attach as follows

Government Documents Apostille

  • Business authenticity documents
  • Federal-chartered bank documents
  • Merger certificates
  • Assumed name certificates
  • Certified copies of formation documents
  • Patent & trademark documents
  • Necessary tax documents

Non-Government Documents Apsotille

An apostille stamp is obtained from the concerned authorities and it is a system-generated sticker with a unique identification number in it. It helps to maintain the online records and allows the checking of authenticity conveniently. The sticker is applied from the MEA & there is no need for added certification from the embassy. The apostille service is meant to authenticate the documents of individuals so that there is no problem to comply with the rules of the land.

The apostille attestation is the best way to attach the required documents from the concerned authorities so that individuals can be admissible in a foreign land. It is the attestation of the global level that is legally accepted in more than 100 countries. The sticker from the Ministry of External Affairs is stuck on the back of the documents & the stamp is rendered on the sticker in a way that is visible to all. It is more important when there is the need to eradicate the necessity of document legalization when going to a foreign country. Individuals can obtain an employment visa or work visa and apply for temporary residency for the same.

Documentation & apostille attestation is a tough task in India & individuals need to do contact the necessary forum that can get the documents attested from the concerned authorities. The apostille services in Chennai are having the right contacts in the MEA to get the attestation done in a quick time. No need to waste time in getting the attestation & contact the service provider to get the document stamped by experts.

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