Your First Steps for Applying for Certificate Recognition in the UAE

Your First Steps for Applying for Certificate Recognition in the UAE

If you earned your degree outside the UAE, you’ll need to have your certificates attested by the UAE Ministry of Education before they can be used for employment or further education here. This process verifies the authenticity of your credentials and determines the UAE equivalency.

To start your University recognition application( MOE Equivalency ), you’ll need to prepare the following key documents:

Verification Document

This verifies the authenticity of your certificate with the issuing university. You can request this through the Ministry’s trusted verification partners. Some embassies can also issue verifications.

University Degree Certificate

Submit a copy of your original graduation certificate or diploma, legalized if needed. Contact your university to request a new copy if needed.

Official Transcript

Provide a signed, stamped transcript covering your full period of study. Again, request this from your university if you don’t have it.

Passport Copy

Submit a copy of the passport you used at the time of graduation.

Thesis Abstract

If you completed a thesis, provide a summary abstract.

Keep in mind additional documents could be requested during the process. Having your documents ready in advance saves time.

The attestation process can take time, so start preparing your credentials early. And consider using an experienced provider for assistance. With the right documents in hand, you’ll be on your way to getting your foreign qualifications recognized in the UAE.

Here are some key points about the recognition process for university certificates issued outside the UAE:

  • The Ministry of Education (MOE) is responsible for recognizing and verifying foreign qualifications through a process called attestation or equivalency.
  • Attestation involves verifying the authenticity of certificates with the issuing university and relevant authorities in that country.
  • Equivalency involves comparing the foreign qualification to UAE qualification frameworks to determine the appropriate UAE equivalent.
  • The MOE has an online portal where individuals can start the process and upload documents for attestation/equivalency.
  • Certain countries have agreements with the UAE to mutually recognize qualifications, which can simplify the process. These include the GCC, Jordan, Lebanon and some European countries.
  • Degrees from accredited universities are more likely to be recognized. The MOE maintains a directory of accredited institutions based on approvals from organizations like ABET, AACSB, etc.
  • Professional qualifications may require additional steps with the relevant UAE licensing authorities in areas like engineering, healthcare, teaching, etc. before being approved to practice locally.
  • The process can be complicated and take time. Using an experienced provider or employer assistance is recommended.
  • In some cases, individuals may be required to pass additional exams or assessments before full equivalency is granted.
  • Final equivalency is typically required for employment in government entities and admission to some postgraduate programs locally.

So in summary, the MOE has procedures in place to verify and grant equivalency to foreign qualifications based on international standards and agreements. But individuals should be prepared for a process that can take time and patience.

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