What is the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation?

What is the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) Attestation?

Ministry of External Affairs is a government commission responsible for India’s foreign relations. It is the third step for Certificate MEA Attestation. The MEA attestation of personal documents is performed after verification from the state home department. The Certificate is further submitted to MEA to verify the Certificate MEA Attestation issued from any state in India is genuine.

Generally, MEA takes 1–2 days for MEA Certificate Attestation.

This central government department deals with external affairs that are related to outside countries. When anyone looking for any legalization process in India at that time it is mandatory to verify your documents and certificates from ministry. This document authentication process is necessary to prove the credibility and genuinity of your documents.

Ministry of External Affairs is an expansion of MEA, it is a government ministry functioning for maintaining the diplomacy of the country. MEA ministry is headed by an elected minister and the government authority is the responsible authority of appointing the MEA minister. Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA) is a synonymous term of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), it will accomplish all foreign related matters of the country. A certification provided by the MEA ministry is known as MEA Attestation, which will increase the prominence of the certificate inside the country. This Attestation is needed at the ending stage of attestation process. MOFA attestation is an integral part of every international communication, this legalization is required for every type of certification such as Attestation and Apostille. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation is provided for every type of documents and original Xerox copy of certificate is needed for obtaining MOFA attestation.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) attestation MEA from Global Attestation Service is essential for verifying your documents to use abroad. MEA Attestation is required for all educational and non-educational documents.

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