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How to Ensure the Safety of Your Documents and Certificates during Embassy Attestation

When you apply for higher studies, employment, or plan to set up a business in a foreign country, your documents require embassy attestation – which is a lengthy process and requires attestation at several other levels below it. This is why most people prefer to work with an attestation agency to complete the attestation process in a limited time. This also seems a practical idea as you are relieved from the stress that arises from the continuous trips to government offices to get the work done.

However, providing your documents for embassy attestation also raises concerns regarding the safety of your original documents. And the concerns are legible because original documents are extremely important and you should keep them protected by every means. To help you ensure that your documents and certificates are completely secure, we are providing a few tips that you should keep in mind.

Choose a Credible Attestation Agency

Though this might seem a no-brainer, most people don’t research before hiring an attestation service provider. It is extremely important that you check reviews and the market reputation of an agency before hiring. Handing over your documents into a stranger’s hand can be a costly mistake for you. Hire an attestation agency in India who is a trusted partner to the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi – a chief center where all the administrative work related to the attestation is completed.

Choose a Trusted Courier Service

Since more than one governmental authority is involved in the attestation procedure, your documents will move from one authority to another. Thus, you should look for an attestation agent who has tie-ups with a trustworthy courier company. Good courier service also translates to timely and secure services. Not only will this step ensure that your certificates and documents are packed and handled carefully but also ensure that these documents will reach your doorstep safely without any damage or harm.

Maintain a Regular Follow Up

Being an aware and conscious customer, your work is not limited to hiring an agency and paying them for their service. You should also ask them to keep you updated on every step so that you have information on the whereabouts of your documents. While reputable embassy attestation agencies keep their customers updated or share the tracking process regarding the status of the documents, you should still be in their touch and communicate with your agent until the attestation process is completed and you get all your documents and certificates you have given to them safely.

Finding an attestation agency in India is not a complicated task, but finding a trusted attestation agency for embassy attestation in India can be. So, never hire one without doing proper research and checking if they have any complaints against them.

What is a Provisional Certificate? What Should You Know About Provisional Certificate Attestation?

Travelling and settling abroad is a dream of many Indians. It’s not because they do not love their country; it’s just that foreign countries are open with lots of opportunities that help people in transforming their career graph. Every year there are millions of people from India traveling abroad with big dreams and hope to do something different and settle their life. And the numbers are increasing with the passing years. 

Other than job opportunities, people usually move abroad for higher studies. They start making their way to a foreign land after completing graduation in India. And it’s a great idea because students get to know more about the job opportunities and they prepare themselves accordingly. 

If you are planning to move abroad for higher studies, you are on the right track. But, don’t just be happy with the thought that you have got admission to a foreign university; you have to a lot of things before travelling. And one amongst them is certificate attestation. 

Based on the list shared by the university, you have to arrange all the documents and get it attested for legalization. The documents and certificates are almost the same for all countries. But if you are traveling to the UAE, Oman, and Qatar, they would demand an attested provisional certificate of which many are not aware of. 

Provisional Certificate:

It’s an educational document usually initiated by a college or university to prove that you have successfully completed graduation. It’s just a way to inform the university you are taking admission in and not the original degree certificate. The university might ask for the degree certificate after a month or two for final confirmation. It’s immediately issued after the results are declared and students do not have to wait for the original degree certificate for admission. The provisional certificate speeds up the process and allows the students to start the classes on time. 

Attestation of Provisional Certificate 

The countries demand an attested copy of the provisional certificate to ensure that the document is authentic. Attestation is a kind of insurance of documents by government officials that states a copy of an original provisional certificate is a true copy. The government officials check the records and stamp and sign to affirm that the document is genuine. 

For the attestation process, the provisional certificate has to go through different departments and government authorities. If the process is not duly, the attestation will not be valid. The different steps of provisional certificate attestation are:

 HRD Attestation

 It’s a pre-authentication step processed at the human resource department of state government or regional attestation centre. It’s an initial step performed by the respective state itself. The officials execute the process from the core and give the authentication for the next attestation.

MEA Attestation

Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the next destination for the provisional certificate attestation. MEA Attestation is a central level attestation and an indirect procedure for the assurance of documents. 

What is Attestation and How to Find the Right Document Attestation Service?

These days, attested or authenticated documents is a necessity for several reasons, whether it is for preparing your kid to get admitted to a school or for moving abroad. As there are large numbers of people who travel abroad for whatever reason such as employment or education, there is one of the important things that you must do, and that is, documentation of personal, commercial, or educational documents, depending upon the purpose of your migration. If your documents are not properly documented, you are likely to face rejection or difficulty to move or stay in the foreign country of your preference.

Document attestation is considered to be a tiresome yet vital process. The idea of document attestation is a symbol or a sign which is used to verify the authenticity of documents or certificates. Before we get into the details, let’s find out what attestation is.

What is attestation?

Attestation is considered to be the method or way to check the authenticity of a document and declaring its authenticity by attaching the document with the sign of the appropriate verified personnel. This process tends to require the submission of original documents and the Xerox of the same to the authorized individuals in order to get them verified and authenticated by a sign or stamp.

If are looking to travel to another country, then you would be required to apply for a visa and the visa is only issued to you when officials at the embassy have verified your documents. Hence, this makes the embassy attestation an important step when you wish to travel to a foreign country. Similarly, if you are looking to get a family visa then you are required to get your marriage certificate attested. So, whether you are looking for embassy attestation, marriage attestation, birth attestation, or others, then it is recommended that you choose the right attestation service provider for escalating and making the process effective. The following are some of the tips to choose the right attestation service provider.

  • The right attestation company would have an excellent track record. Make sure that you read the reviews that their previous clients left online.
  • It is important to research the market thoroughly and compare the prices of different firms and the quality of service they provide. You can either take help from the internet or ask your friends and relatives to find the best attestation service within the limit of your budget.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is that the company should have knowledgeable as well as available customer care support for its customers in case you have any doubt. Customer care is something that should be made available to you 24/7 and clarify any doubt or inquiries about the attestation process.

By taking all these things into consideration, you are likely to find the right attestation service providing company. So, the next time you want embassy attestation on your documents, take the professional help of one of these companies.

Attestation or Apostille Services: What Do I Need For Settling Abroad?

With certain rules and regulations set-up by each country, certificate authentication has become an essential aspect. Today, no country in the entire world allows immigrants without the legalized and authenticated documents. This strict step is taken by the countries to avoid forgery, fraud, identity theft, and misrepresentation of the immigrants on their lands.

The document is legalized in the country you are planning to travel from based on the rules of the country you intend to travel to. And according to the requirements of the intended country, you either have to get your documents attested or apostilled.

At the time of applying for documentation authentication, applicants often get confused between attestation and apostille services. Most of them think that both are the same and the ways to enter into any new country. But, that’s not correct.

In this post, we will explain the difference between the two so that you hire the right service.

Attestation of the documents

It’s a process in which the verifying departments check and verify the original documents and declare them to be authentic by attaching the signature and applying the stamp. Here, you submit the original as well as a copy of the documents to the authorized government employees to verify and give the proof of authentication.

Apostille of the documents

Apostille is a validation certificate that is used in the countries that are a member of the Hague Convention. The aim of the apostille services is the same as that attestation but the process is a bit different. Here, you get a unique identification number that is pasted on the back of your document. All the records are maintained online using the unique identification number and you are allowed to travel to different Hague countries with a single apostille.

The Attestation Process

For attestation, your documents have to undergo different departments. And, the departments are mentioned below:

State Attestation-The attestation process starts from the state where the certificate was issued. Based on the type of documents, they are sent for HRD, Notary, or SDM attestation.

MEA Attestation – After state attestation (initial verification and stamping), the documents are sent for MEA attestation which is done by the Ministry of External Affairs.

Embassy Attestation– Once attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, the documents are moved to the embassy of the country you are planning to immigrate to.

MOFA attestation– The last step in the attestation process is MOFA attestation which is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sometimes, MOFA attestation is not important because it is done once you reach the country you are immigrating to.

The Apostille Process

As compared to the attestation process, the apostille process is simple and takes less time. You do not have to visit different departments for apostille services because everything is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. The sign and stamp received by MEA validate the document even if it is not authenticated by the Embassy of the country.

So, based on your requirements and the country you are planning to travel to, you should select the right option between attestation and apostille services.